Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

Page 95

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Christmas Time in Germany

Cute bears for all lovers of teddies What does the perfect Christmas tree look like? Opinions on this are often divided. Some like it stylish and modern, others enjoy the famous mix of the most beautiful balls and precious heirlooms. The company Hubrig from Zschorlau has taken up a completely new trend. TEXT: HUBRIG VOLKSKUNST GMBH, TRANSLATION: THOMAS SCHROERS I PHOTOS: HUBRIG VOLKSKUNST GMBH

Hubrig’s original clips for trees transform any festively decorated branch and any Christmas tree into a real eye-catcher. While previously only blown-glass birdies sat on the fir tree, now fly agarics and bears also find their place next to wooden birds and squirrels, bringing unique colour into the tree. Traditional Hubrig tree decorations have been available for some time now. All of the company’s wooden figures come with a clip and in the typical Hubrig design and quality, as the Zschorlau company stands for colourful and perfect artisanal handicrafts. But back to the bears and the brand new Hubiduu collection, which teddy bear enthusiasts will love. The story began

with a fumigation bear. At the heart of the series is the Weihnachtsklaus, which this year entered the market at 22 centimetres in size. He is joined by a bear family and all of the animals wear red Christmas hats. They hold stars or toys, sitting in front of the Christmas tree and enjoying their presents. Noticing the appeal of their cute bears, the Zschorlau craftsmen developed the Hubiduu collection further. They are certain that the new tree clips in bear shapes will find admirers quickly. Like the winter, flower and lampion children, the bears will be a collector’s item in no time.