Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Christmas Time in Germany

Photo: © Max Pfandl Photo: © Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

of it weighs in at 200 kilogrammes and its lighting amounts to the incredible number of 48,000 individual lamps. Significant Christmas markets In Germany, there are 34 large and 2,200 small markets. Each of them has a significance to the city or village it takes place in and specific, regional differences. For these reasons it is hard to point to particular markets when describing importance. All of them are important because they are part of larger tradition and culture. However, when Cologne has the most visitors on its Christmas markets, one can definitely say that the city is worth visiting during December. We can also point to the market in Aachen’s city centre where a single market, as opposed to the multiple ones in Cologne, attracts more than 1.5 million visitors a year. In the end, it depends on your taste. Read the forthcoming pages, do some further research and you will find your perfect Christmas market experience. 86 | Issue 44 | November 2016

Photo: © Riessdo

CULINARY TREATS TO TRY AT A GERMAN CHRISTMAS MARKET: - ‘Mutzen’: Tasty butter dough treats from the Rhineland. - In Dresden, try a ‘Stollen’: a yeastbased pastry with raisins and icing sugar. - Thuringian ‘Rostbratwurst’. - ‘Schupfnudeln’: Thick, German noodles, served with Sauerkraut. - In Frankfurt, try a tasty cup of apple ‘Gluehwein’. - Stuttgart’s ‘Hutzelbrot’: Dried fruits in a baked, sweet, dark bread dough. - Luebeck’s ‘Marzipan-bread’.