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in which the patient can fully rely on the expert knowledge of the doctors, but also relax from the daily grind by enjoying a massage, beauty or wellness treatment,” explains Dr. Milani.“After all, these kind of things make a person ‘beautiful’, too.” Current treatment trends – thermage, femilift and co. One of the most popular treatments at the Moser Milani Med Spa is the so-called thermage. “This is a treatment that allows a face or body lift without any operation or downtime,” explains Dr. Milani. “In just one session, the thermage tightens skin, gives some contours to the face and optimises the skin structure.” Another very unique treatment at the Moser Milani Med Spa is MIRADry. It helps patients who suffer from excessive sweating as well as those who no longer want to use deodorants with harmful aluminium. The perspiration and scent glands are destroyed with microwaves

under local anaesthetic. “After just one treatment, the patients sweat about 83 per cent less,” says Dr. Milani. “A nice side effect: the amount of armpit hair is reduced, too.” Brand new is the so-called FemiLift – a treatment that the Moser Milani Med Spa exclusively offers as the only surgery in Austria. “Not only does this treatment lead to a rejuvenation and tightening of the vagina, it also helps women in the menopause or after chemotherapy, if they suffer from vaginal dryness or urinary inconsistence after giving birth,” explains Dr. Milani about the various benefits of the FemiLift. Less is more “When it comes to current trends, there is also a noticeable downwards trend regarding surgeries, especially regarding the face,” reveals Dr. Milani. “Rather than big one-off operations, an increasing number of patients wants to do a little

bit at a time as a sort of prevention.” This means a little dosage of Botox every once in a while, a filler here and there or a regular thermage treatment. Dr. Milani explains that the only face operation that has stayed the same in terms of popularity is the upper lid lift treatment. This is also the reason why the thermage is currently one the most popular treatments at the Moser Milani Med Spa. “After just one hour of treatment, the area of choice is noticeably tighter,” says Dr. Milani.“In general, the new generation of fillers offers a lot of possibilities – if you know how to use them efficiently and effectively. We can correct noses without surgery or can shape chins with fillers. Small humps or a slightly crooked nose can be easily fixed with hyaluronic acid in just five minutes. Many operations are thus no longer needed.”

Dr. Shirin Milani.

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