Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

company provides child-oriented living environments for any age, enriching the life of the little ones for many years. Babies and small children are invited into lightfilled, friendly worlds, with high quality being a given and the ecological standards confirmed by the Blue Angel label, an ecoseal with a long tradition.

As toddlers grow into small persons, the need to try out their capabilities grows along with their body size. Here, the play, loft and bunk beds of the ‘Kidsworld’ programme literally come into play. Adventure-themed beds turn any children’s room into a playground, meeting the urge for explorative movement.

With PAIDI furniture, inviting design meets a child’s needs; the FIONA bunk bed for example provides easy access through a heightened bed surface so the literal ‘jump’ out of bed is being made easy for the little ones. The baby furniture alone allows multiple variations. If in adaptable white or with colourful accents, modern or classic, all items are secure and stable with ergonomic features. For example, the AIRWELL Comfort spring frames of all PAIDI Baby beds feature four different height variations. The eco-friendly varnish is a given.

Little scholars will find a strong companion with PAIDI. All desks and chairs fulfill ergonomic requirements, thereby avoiding wrong posture or back problems caused by growing spines. PAIDI youth desks are easily recognisable by the trademark crank handle on the side. Fully height-adjustable and tiltable to 19 degrees to 22 degrees; the desks adjust to a child’s ’growing’ needs. From a split desk top, complete with cable duct and mobile phone holder for the teenagers, to a ’classic’ desk for the children’s room, a suitable workplace can be created for all ages. Thanks to the

five-year replacement warranty, the child’s desk through the years can easily grow into a teenager’s desk. Following their concept of continuous innovation, the latest PAIDI baby room design was recently shown at the international child and youth ‘Kind & Jugend’ trade fair in Cologne. Furthermore, a new programme featuring play, loft and bunk beds as well as more innovative desk designs was presented at this year’s Hausmesse Süd interior fair. Even at times of low birth rates, PAIDI furniture can face the future with optimism, as sustainable, secure and timeless furniture will always be in need and asked for by parents and grandparents who want only the best for their offspring.

Round features, warm colours and high-quality wood make up YLVIE baby rooms.

TABLO Pupil’s desk won the German Design Award Special 2017.

Design meets technical innovation with the tiltable split top desk JARO.

YLVIE teenager’s version.

Issue 44 | November 2016 | 33