Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Dazzling Design for 2017

Little Bags. Photo: © P. Gutenberg

Pure Bag Miel. Photo: © M. Chan

Designed with passion Michèle Chan (left) and Sandra Haldi (right).

Swiss label Atelier S&R designs sophisticated affordable products of high quality. Founders Michèle Chan and Sandra Haldi are designers as well as curators, who have set out to bring young design to a larger audience.

matching charger Pure Power for mobile or tablet. All items are available in three different shades.


Atelier S&R is a remarkable platform for fresh up-and-coming designers. With their tasteful range of products on offer you will certainly find your next favourite item amongst their collection.

In 2009, Michèle Chan and Sandra Haldi started organising pop-up events and design markets. During these events young artists from Switzerland were able to showcase and sell their designs. Haldi remembers: “Over the years more and more labels took part in the events and the next logical step was to open a label.” Atelier S&R was born. Today, Chan and Haldi pick emerging designers who value quality and innovation and feature their work on their website. The products, which can range from accessories to bags and other everyday objects, are often handcrafted in small workshops in Switzerland, Europe or even Japan. Aside from being a platform for young creatives, Atelier S&R also designs and produces its own collection. Both Chan and Haldi share a passion for design, quality and uniqueness. “Our

designs are simple and elegant without bling. It is important to us that our products are long lasting and timeless. All items are made of high-quality Italian leather and they are produced by small manufacturers,” says Haldi.

Chan adds: “For us, sustainability means that a product is designed and produced with love and care.” The Pure Bag Nature builds the heart of their collection. As a true all-rounder, the leather bag can easily fit a laptop during the day, or pass as a classy handbag in the evening. Thanks to its adjustable strap it can be worn over one shoulder or slung across the body. “We love how the light leather darkens over time and develops a great patina,” Haldi explains. The elegant Little Bag is a wonderful companion to the Pure Bag. Also part of the collection is the casual Pure Tote Bag, and the beautiful laptop case with its

Pure Tote Bag in black. Photo: © P. Gutenberg

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