Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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the 19th century are a very special kind of asset though. Investing in these is a lot of fun – not only today, but for generations to come.” Arnold continues that the most secure location of making a property investment is Vienna, while Budapest provides the greatest upside. “So it's just a question of which city you prefer. In my opinion, you will benefit from investing in any of these locations – given that you go through a well-informed, professional consultation process beforehand.” Core advantage: specialisation A well-informed, professional consultation? That is certainly something you can expect to receive at Arnold Investments. The company believes that there can be no expertise without focus. After all, a famous saying tells us that a so-called “Jack of all trades”, one who tries to do everything, never succeeds at doing anything right. 120 | Issue 44 | November 2016

Thus, specialisation is key.“That is why we wholeheartedly concentrate on our core competence: property investments,” says Arnold and adds that only highly specialised and committed experts with an excellent market knowledge work at Arnold Investments. 40 experts in four countries take care of every need “Our services are very comprehensive, both when it comes to the time we invest as well as our employee’s capabilities,” explains the agency’s director. “We have 40 experts in four countries, who concentrate a 100 per cent on the task of selling an investment property. They carry out the preliminary legal examination of the property, draft a rough estimate of the technical due diligence, process the offers, research market data and supply all service providers needed to ensure

a smooth management process for the property.” Professional judgement, a personal service and discretion when handling deals are all self-evident to Arnold’s team. This means that the company’s clients, which include wealthy private individuals as well as foundations and institutional investors from all around the world, can completely rely on the team when they are looking for the perfect property to invest in. Trust is everything However well organised the property sales processes are, the real estate experts at Arnold Investments emphasise that property is not their most valuable asset. Instead, it is the trust of their clients. As trust is closely connected to personality, any enquiries coming in are handled personally by the company’s in-house investment specialists. The rule here is less