Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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PHERAstar FSX multi-mode microplate reader.

Pipetting a low-volume microplate for measurement.

A synonym for precision, speed and flexibility BMG Labtech is at the forefront of technology, offering microplate readers for life science applications and high-throughput screening. The German company is on a steady course of growth due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies over the past 25 years. TEXT & PHOTOS: BMG LABTECH GMBH

Founded in 1990, BMG Labtech is a specialist for high-performance microplate readers for all assay needs. The company’s microplate readers are used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and in academic research organisations all over the world. BMG Labtech’s readers are equipped with different, optical detection technologies and are used in a multitude of applications e.g. food assays, microbial growth, cellular analysis, drug discovery and assay development. Over the years, BMG Labtech has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microplate readers with subsidiaries in Australia, France, Japan, UK, and the USA. In response to the global demand for BMG Labtech’s products and technologies made in Germany, the company invests 4.5 million euros in headquarters site

expansion. A new company building provides the additional capacity required for the company's anticipated business growth over the longer term. The new building is designed to double the manufacturing area and provide new space for research and development and the planned job growth. BMG Labtech offers various instruments ranging from single-mode, absorbance detection readers to multi-mode microplate readers with up to eight detection modes. All microplate readers are conceived, developed, assembled, and tested entirely at the company’s headquarters in Germany. By focusing on the needs of the scientific community, the company’s microplate readers are developed to combine highest speed and flexibility without compromising sensitivity. BMG Labtech’s multi-mode microplate

CLARIOstar microplate reader.

readers combine three different detection technologies: filters, spectrometer, and unique LVF monochromators™. The linear variable filter (LVF) monochromator™ was engineered especially for the CLARIOstar microplate reader. Compared to conventional monochromators, BMG Labtech’s innovative monochromator system offers continuously adjustable bandwidth for highest flexibility, highest light transmission for filter-like performance and broader bandwidths for the best sensitivity. The company’s latest device is the PHERAstar FSX, the new reference multi-mode microplate reader for highthroughput screening applications. In order to maximise efficiency, screening facilities must constantly strive to increase throughput and minimise sample expenditure, while controlling costs. To meet these requirements, the PHERAstar FSX was specifically conceived for the fastest read times, the best sensitivity and unmatched flexibility in all plate formats up to 3,456 wells. Issue 44 | November 2016 | 111