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Discover Germany | Special Theme | MEDICA & COMPAMED 2016

RUFUS, the intelligent running coach.

You run hands-free behind Rufus.

RUFUS – your personal running coach If you want to improve your fitness by running and find your optimum pace, you should get to know RUFUS – an electrically driven vehicle that offers an outdoor training programme customised to your fitness level. TEXT: NADINE CARSTENS | PHOTOS: RUNFUN GMBH

Dr. Erwin Prassler has been an amateur triathlete for 15 years. Nevertheless, he used to be one of those runners who has difficulty estimating their own limits and power. “Without the help of a trainer, I tend to run too fast and end up feeling exhausted quite quickly,” Dr. Prassler says. One day, he came up with an idea while running with his daughter’s pram. Why not fit the pram with a couple of electric motors? He wanted to control these motors so that he could run with a steady pulse and at a pace his body was ready for. And so the idea for RUFUS was born. In 2014, Dr. Prassler established the company runfun GmbH to develop the first prototypes. Now his invention is about to be established on the market. The electrically driven vehicle with automatic cruise control will therefore be presented at the COMPAMED trade fair in

Düsseldorf (hall 5, B15). Visitors will have the chance to learn more about RUFUS’ many benefits: “All the fitness trackers and apps, which are on the market today, just provide distorted results and only inform runners when they are doing something wrong,” Dr. Prassler explains. “In comparison, RUFUS offers an active exercise control: Before you are about to overstrain yourself, the electric coach slows you down by reducing its pace. When you do not strain yourself enough, it increases the speed up.” This way, runners are able to safely improve their fitness since their heart rate stays within an optimal range.

runners will be able to optimally prepare for competitions. The vehicle moves by itself without it being necessary to push or steer it, while the runner is connected to it by a safety tether. Soon, RUFUS will be available in the online shop of runfun GmbH, Dr. Prassler says. “Customers also have the chance to download training programmes. We also want to establish a network of rental stations where runners can test RUFUS for a certain period of time.”

Make continual gains RUFUS is therefore perfect for runners at any fitness level, as it supports beginners to smoothly get into running while also helping experienced runners to step up their training. In addition, professional

Turn it on, choose your exercise programme and start running.

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