Discover Germany, Issue 41, August2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Consumer Electronic & Software Trends 2016

Comfort of a pre-cooled home.

The ultimate ‘welcome home’ For too long, saving money by reducing your heating bills has been synonymous with discomfort, with prudence taking precedence over the presumed lavishness of sitting around in a pleasurable climate. But driven by the belief that saving energy can be both smart and satisfying when it comes to heating, the Munich-based company tado˚ has crafted an app-controlled smart thermostat to combat this. TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE I PHOTOS: TADO˚ GMBH

Founded in 2011, tado˚’s aim is to develop technologies and products that enable a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. CEO and Co-founder Christian Deilmann explains how the pioneering team have focused on a market where they can really have an impact: the heating and cooling of homes. The idea was first born after Deilmann returned to Germany from a stint of studying in a perpetually warm state of the USA and enlisted the help of three friends, Leopold von Bismarck, Johannes Schwarz and Valentin Sawadski. Now essentially split 64 | Issue 41 | August 2016

into two strands, tado° has created the tado° Smart AC Control (cooling) and the tado° Smart Thermostat (heating). In terms of home climate control, the team saw untapped potential for smarter technologies that can save huge amounts of energy to benefit consumers. Striving for comfort, convenience and savings – three aspects that the team personally value – the Smart Thermostat and the Smart AC Control lead to immense energy saving costs as your heating or air conditioning work around

the hours you are at home. In fact, unlike a regular thermostat with prescribed schedules, the stylishly understated tado° can detect your homecoming in advance and automatically reach the desired temperature for your arrival. Thanks to painstaking research into smarter technologies for heating and cooling devices, the days of arriving home to an unpleasant climate are over. With the simple installation of a tado˚ device, which gives every resident access to an even simpler smart phone app, Deilmann reels off the advantages: residents can not only set, alter and configure their heating and air conditioning remotely, but also reap the benefits of tado˚’s intelligence to cut costs, heat their home more sustainably and eliminate hassle. The innovative and close-knit team admits their attention revolves around