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Dr. Najib Chichakli with a patient. Photo: Sigrid Mayer

Aesthetics & Beauty Experts

Masters of perfection The aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery industry all over the world is booming while offering almost unlimited possibilities. Each year, new treatment methods receive marketing approval and more and more men and women make ample use of the possibilities this medical speciality has to offer. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF

In 2015, the surgical procedure that was most popular throughout the world was eyelid surgery, followed by liposuction and breast augmentation according to the ISAPS International Study on Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Procedures. Ranking highest on the list of non-surgical procedures was botulinum toxin, aka Botox, in 2015, followed by hyaluronic acid and hair removal. The same study reveals that over 20 million procedures were undertaken in 2014 worldwide. While the USA was the forerunner in plastic surgery with just over four million surgical and non-surgical procedures, Brazil underwent over two 50 | Issue 41 | August 2016

million and the third-largest country with the most surgeries was Japan with over one million. Furthermore, in Germany, 533,600 operations were performed. In Austria, on the other hand, the number seems quite small with around 50,000 cosmetic operations per year according to an estimation by the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (ÖGPÄRC). However, this does not mean that the quality lacks that of other countries. On the contrary, bodies like the ÖGPÄRC or the Austrian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (AACSM) cater for transparency, objective


information and safe and efficient treatment forms. Furthermore, a special Austrian law that tries to prevent or significantly lower the chance of risks and damages of cosmetic operations came into force in 2013. Besides restricting minors under 16 to undergo plastic surgery, this law ensures strict quality requirements. So, what do you need to consider when searching for a great doctor for your aesthetic procedure? Make sure they provide objective, factual and transparent information and, of course, demonstrated specialist expertise, as well as extensive consultation is vital. Furthermore, do not forget to get information on potential risks and impacts of the wanted procedure. So, if you have decided to undergo a certain procedure, why not have a look at the following pages to find out about some great Austrian plastic surgeons that are sure to offer great expertise in their respective fields?