Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Feature | Third German Mittelstands-Summit

TOP 100 and former German federal president Christian Wulff, who is the TOP CONSULTANT patron. Both of whom will award the respective prizes themselves. TOP CONSULTANT is another effort by compamedia to find the best in business, namely the consulting business. Similar to the TOP 100, consulting firms are benchmarked with needs of small and medium-sized businesses in mind. For consultants, participating in the benchmarking process bears various advantages. Certainly, the scientific approach of compamedia and its directors is able to provide consulting firms with interesting insights into their company. Former federal president and mentor Christian Wulff is certain about the project’s value for consultants and businesses alike: “The scientific sound standing award with the ‘Top Consultant’-seal creates public awareness and transparency on both counts.” The TOP 100 is scientifically based as well. Aforementioned Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke is the scientific director of the project, that looks at all aspects of the innovation process. All participating companies are divided into three employee size groups and screened thoroughly before they are presented to the jury, which will decide whether or not a company is an innovator of the year. Ranga Yogeshwar, who is the third mentor of the TOP 100, is always excited about the opportunity to meet new, creative people from the industry. “As a scientist I am very interested which ideas German companies have and which creative concepts they are working on,” explains Yogeshwar. “Furthermore I want to give something back to these mediumsized businesses: recognition.” Last year’s winners In 2015, the innovators of the year included the company HAECKER Automation, which has developed micro and nano components, that are up to ten times thinner than a human hair. Another awarded business was Insiders Technologies GmbH, which was a top innovator for the second time and is finding intelligent software solutions for

new forms of customer communication. Finally, the Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, which got the top prize for companies with more than 250 employees, produces special and functional labels. The different business sectors of these three companies resemble the diverse field of TOP 100 participants very well. At the third Deutsche MittelstandsSummit all of this diversity will be present again. Once more, it is going to be a trend setting event and moreover a celebration of the innovation potential which German businesses continue to display. Issue 39 | June 2016 | 89