Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | AUTOMATICA 2016

experts or executives, we can quickly allocate some of our staff who have the necessary know-how,” Hochmayr says.“As an advantage, our customers do not first have to elaborately train new employees. Instead, they have the chance to focus on their real tasks.” According to Hochmayr, assignments in conflict areas are possible as well. “We have established a global presence and already worked in Canada, Australia, but also in Mozambique or Cairo to name a few examples.” As a reliable partner, Monteco professionally advises customers during every process, starting with the planning phase and continuing with assembling and launching engines or plants. Another service of Steiner and his team is to conduct the dismantling and disposal of existing engine modules, for example if a factory requires space for a new production line. Whether assembly works have to be prepared or conducted right on the spot, Monteco always helps customers to professionally implement projects on schedule and eco-friendly. Offering a total service package “What distinguishes Monteco from many other companies in this industry is that we are able to offer many different services at once and that we cover a great range of fields – customers can rely on us as a sole partner if they need any kind of highquality assembly solution,” Hochmayr explains. Inspections are therefore also part of the services offered by Monteco. This can be important if there is, for example, a firm in the timber or paper industry that faces continuously increasing requirements in the market and thus depends on manufacturing equipment guaranteeing a high productivity. In steel or aluminium production, failure rates or dwell times can be detrimental in times of globalisation too. Monteco then offers support and manages downtimes, whether they were planned or not. Also, the company helps customers to maintain or repair equipment according to the valid manufacturers’ instructions. By providing experts to different countries as well, Monteco also services equipment of end customers.

Even if firms plan to relocate their production line to a different place, Steiner and his team make sure that no problems occur during this process. By taking stock on the spot, going through the various steps of the procedure and precisely planning the re-launch of the machinery, Monteco helps to avoid any kinds of risk.

From top right: Intralogistics is one field Monteco Industriemontagen works for. Medical technology is one field Monteco Industriemontagen works for Medizintechnik. The automotive industry is one field Monteco Industriemontagen works for.

People, who are interested in working for the company, are invited to send an application: “We are always looking for talented new employees such as industrial mechanics, technicians or programmable logic controller engineers,”Hochmayr adds. Issue 39 | June 2016 | 87