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Giving robots vision The initial ideas of EnShape GmbH were first developed eight years ago. Yet it was not until the founders designed their 3D sensor technologies’ unique selling proposition, that the business was formed. In 2016, EnShape will take the next step and show the world its future. TEXT: THOMAS SCHROERS

Before EnShape, the status quo of 3D sensor systems fell into two categories. There were either devices with the ability to do fast measurements with low accuracy, or the capability to be very precise but slow. Here the company began developments and consequently designed a new system that combines speed - ten measurements per second is possible - and precision and is perfectly suitable for industry application. “Basically our 3D sensors give robots eyes,” says CEO Dr. Martin Schaffer, who leads EnShape together with fellow physicist Dr. Marcus Große. These eyes are needed in the companies’ two main target markets. On the one hand, there is inline quality assurance, where the product line ‘Inspect’ can be used for reliable and consistent quality management.

On the other hand, EnShape’s ‘Detect’ product line is focused on random Pick and Place operations, where its sensor technology is applied to make robots pick objects flexibly and accelerate the whole operation process. In practice, an integrated ‘Detect’ 3D sensor is the perfect fit for automatic product handling, for example intralogistics, as it helps to increase the throughput in warehouse commissioning systems for inbound and outbound delivery. Essentially, the Jenabased innovator has developed the final piece of a fully automated flow of goods, where the EnShape powered robot is able to assort a package of different items with maximum precision and speed.

Main image: Small and powerful the EnShape Detect 20. © Manuel Neunkirchen Top left: EnShape Detect Pick & Place Sensors. © Manuel Neunkirchen Below left: Automatic consignment with EnShape 3D sensor technology. © Enshape GmbH Bottom right: EnShape Detect 40 Random Bin Picking. © Manuel Neunkirchen

display a fully functioning High Throughput Pick and Place operation, including a robot with an installed ‘Detect’ sensor and a pick cell. “In 2016 we are making an additional effort to show how fast this actually works,” explains Schaffer. Currently, EnShape is already a member of a number of system integrators’ portfolios. With the company’s public exhibits throughout the year, this number is sure to go up.

At this month’s AUTOMATICA fair and at the Vision fair in November, EnShape will Issue 39 | June 2016 | 83