Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Cover Feature | Ranga Yogeshwar

really responsive for new developments, but slow moving.” For Yogeshwar, who has four children, this subject is very important on a professional and personal level. Education is only one part of the story. Another is scientific research, which Yogeshwar sees as a function for a better understanding of the world, to which one needs to be open. He is certain that innovative ideas stem from long-term scientific operations, that most of the time do not yield an immediate profit. Nevertheless, “doing things that are not economic is an inherent component of our culture. Otherwise we wouldn’t have written books or started making music”. Innovation and balance Hearing him speak about these matters, makes his involvement in the TOP 100 award for innovation in small and medium-sized businesses, which will be handed out at the Deutsche MittelstandsSummit in June, clear. Yogeshwar actively wants to support causes that are dear to him and in some way all of these concerns go together. With the TOP 100 the idea is innovation, something “that Germany needs desperately in order to keep up”. When looking for an innovative company, Yogeshwar is trying to find it in all organisational processes, as “innovation must be an overall thinking”. In his view, technological progression, which is a part of innovation, can also create relief for nature and restore a much needed balance with regard to sustainability. Through the years, Yogeshwar has visited a number of interesting places. Among them are the before mentioned catastrophe sites in Fukushima and Chernobyl, but also the magnificent natural landscapes of icy Spitsbergen, the Sumatran jungle and the Indian Sea. While there are huge contrasts in the interaction between people and nature in all of these places, a common denominator arises in the fact that man is part of nature and for that reason holds a long-term responsibility. Passionate and conscious While he and his wife live in Germany, Yogeshwar considers himself a global citizen. “[Today] home has nothing to do 8 | Issue 39 | June 2016