Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

Page 79

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A brush with perfection AQUA BRUSH is a specialist manufacturer of washing and drying material for tunnel car washes, gantry car washes, commercial vehicle washes and special machines. TEXT: AQUA BRUSH, TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE I PHOTOS: AQUA BRUSH

Providing real added value, the German brand strive to develop and innovate their chosen materials and fastening systems for customers, rendering them an industryleading company. Their innovations include the patented multi-function system as well as the Easyclick fastening mat, which enables their PREMIUM products to be installed without the need for tools. The PREMIUM product collection: AQUA Pe is a monofilament polyethylene brush, primarily used for commercial vehicle washes of lorries and buses. Given the brush’s fine bristles, an excellent washing performance is achieved. However, these have largely disappeared from use in car washes due to ‘abrasion’ during the washing process and the post-wash residual holograms left on the vehicle’s paintwork. Following a very precise and complex manufacturing process, AQUA BRUSH developed the AQUA Foam, a specific

foam material they have employed to make an outstanding washing brush, capable of gently removing virtually all dirt from a vehicle’s paintwork and resulting in minimal abrasion. Within their latest generation of textile washing materials known as ‘AQUA Felt’, AQUA BRUSH have created an innovative new development. Enabled by novel manufacturing techniques and the further development of fasteners, the brand have succeeded in creating a unique textile washing material. The new AQUA Felt is produced without a stabilising fabric, leading to its pleasing touch and longevity through meticulously developed components. Such progress boosts the washing performance, minimises the risk of abrasion and generates a significantly quieter washing cycling. Designed for tunnel vehicle washes, the premium AQUA Wool has set itself

apart from its competitors. Coming with AQUA Brush’s patented multi-functional fasteners, this exclusive, extremely hardwearing polyester fabric results in an incredibly gentle and almost silent cleaning process. The multi-function system enables this product to be fastened onto various points across the entire length of the tunnel wash, therefore boosting its longevity. Moreover, this washing material can handle frequent 60-degree washes in a regular commercial machine, which is a further advantage. When talk in the industry turns to effective post-wash drying in tunnel washes, the AQUA Dry drying material is never far from anyone’s lips. The standard in many tunnel washes already, AQUA Dry boasts a moisture retention system that results in a highly efficient final drying step. Painstakingly developed fibers are able to capture moisture as micro-pearls while simultaneously polishing the paintwork. With highly approachable experts within their field, the team at AQUA Brush are available to meet any requests. Issue 39 | June 2016 | 79