Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Different temperaments but a joint result

Blackmore is more reserved, thinks things through thoroughly first and then comes up with ideas completely different to those of his colleague. In short, their temperaments and characters balance each other, which is exactly what makes their joint projects so successful. From the very beginning they advertised themselves as what they are: a unique team in a business where teamwork is a rarity.

In putting both their knowledge and expertise together Marc Winkel-Blackmore and Thomas Koy hoped to gain new and regular clients who liked the idea of mixing architecture and portrait photography with corporate imagery. “From the very beginning we liked working together and we both had nothing to lose since we both already had our own businesses,”says Koy. While Thomas Koy is quite spirited, likes to talk and brainstorm, works fast and has an abundance of ideas, Marc Winkel-

Maybe this is why it simply ‘clicked’ when Marc Winkel-Blackmore and Thomas Koy first worked together as a team for holzrausch GmbH. Why teamwork is so important for them is something the carpenters understand quite well. “Teamwork plays a key role at holzrausch as well,” says holzrausch spokesperson Birgit Lehner. “As a joke we often say our team consists of architects, interior designers, wood technicians, surface

economics in Cologne before finally turning his passion into a profession. Since 1995 he has worked as freelance art photographer and has exhibited his work in Cologne and Berlin. During that time Marc Winkel-Blackmore also started working as photographer of architecture, a field he had trained in under H. G. Esch.

68 | Issue 39 | June 2016

technicians, master carpenters and apprentices, or in other words: possessed people in love with detail, aesthetes, adventurers, lunatics obsessed with materials, and of course also those with their feet on the ground.” For holzrausch, finding intelligent solutions is key and developing new ideas is a team effort that needs different personalities with different visions. “Having different perspectives is critical in our field,” says Lehner. “And that is exactly what we see when working with K+W; because they work in a team they see things from different angles, one might focus on a long shot, while the others sees the detail. And that is exactly what we need.” Modern kitchen design photographed in the right light holzrausch’s main expertise as a designer and planning office lies in modern kitchen