Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Interior Architecture

Visionary interior design It is common knowledge that the environment we live and work in influences our wellbeing. Interior designer Bianka Wenk merges functionality with aesthetics to create beautiful interiors that inspire their residents. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE I PHOTOS: BIANKA WENK

Designing spaces has always fascinated Bianka Wenk, who began drawing when she was a child. “I realised very early on that you can create a space and communicate a vision with just a few simple lines on a piece of paper,” explains Wenk. She went on to train as a carpenter, where she learned how to transform a vision into reality. Wenk adds: “Afterwards, it was the logical next step for me to become an interior designer. I cannot think of any other profession, where one has to solve complex technical problems as well as finding architectural design solutions during all stages, from the first sketches to the final realisation of a project.” Today, Wenk works holistically within the fields of urban development, architec-

ture and interior design. From the preservation of historical buildings and city projects such as town halls, to stores and private homes or even luxurious customised campervans, Wenk thrives on every challenge. She has recently specialised in dental practices, visually merging the often

scary-looking dental equipment with the background so that patients experience an anxiety-free visit to the dentist. Dedicated to finding the best solutions for a range of different interior design challenges, Wenk recognises the opportunity to create the perfect environment wherever it takes her. Left: Dental centre. Right: Mansion.

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