Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Interior Architecture

world. reginadahmeningenhoven chose the design because the water element itself contains healing powers. The place visually embraces you, calms you down and at the same time allows breathing space. The formerly biggest item in the room, the sorting robot, was put in the basement to allow more space and the blue hues of the interior create a feeling of ease. What Dahmen-Ingenhoven calls the “fun factor” is definitely always present. A common theme of friendly colours, animal prints and dreamy designs, an overall sense of visual harmony and lightness weave themselves throughout all reginadahmeningenhoven projects. As DahmenIngenhoven herself states: “If young or old - I want no one to feel afraid!” An unflinching vision of the Earth as a profoundly positive place and the wish of making dreams come true while telling a good story are two powerful motivators for Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven. “I want my spaces to trigger positive feelings,” she states. This may also be behind the fact that, apart from brand oriented projects like the ‘Swarovski veil’, reginadahmeningenhoven also stand for numerous projects in the health sector, where “positive feelings” are most wanted. Therapeutic architecture like the aforementioned Lanserhof treatment centre near Innsbruck, shows rooms that heal instead of representing. What is being presented here on 1,500 square metres, is an attachment to nature itself. A minimalist design allows the stunning

views of the surrounding mountains to fully hit their healing potential. Once the intelligent ‘spaceship’ design of the entry space has embraced the visitor like a futuristic cocoon, the harmonious interior of the rooms, the soft adjustable lighting and expansive views further help to calm the senses and support the healing qualities of the place. Harmoniously embedded into the mountainous scenery, the medicinal spa promises not only a retreat but a sensual journey back to oneself. Health and well-being should also be mirrored in the design of a children’s day nursery and following the motto “Every snowflake has its own shape”, reginadahmeningenhoven have recently created a space for the Swarovski company where children feel individually protected and at home. The newly built construction in Watten, Austria features friendly colours and a

big influx of softened light. On 600 square metres with specially designed play furniture, the children will find enough space to let their fantasy thrive and blossom. Apart from the health sector, private housing and fashion brand architecture are two additional important pillars of reginadahmeningenhoven’s vision for creating magical spaces. Providing close cooperation, they like to work with clients who are looking for both creative quality and future-oriented housing and‘brandscaping’. Let the magic begin! Above: Irma Mahnel shop, mirror wall and fitting room. Photo: Studio Holger Knauf Bottom from left: Swarovski veil and grinding hall. Photo: Studio Holger Knauf Lanserhof, shiatsu room. Photo: Studio Holger Knauf Lanserhof, shower. Photo: Studio Holger Knauf Portrait: Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven. Photo: Thomas Schüpping

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