Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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architectural language that meets the expectations and demands of a target group with a strong appreciation of design. To be surprisingly different, it depends on the details.

From the beginning, sustainability and holistic design was a major part in the whole planning process, with geothermal energy and thermo-active structural elements used for heating or cooling, depending on seasonal requirements.

The rooms’ depth and spaciousness, an impression created through floor-to-ceiling elements and large open spaces, convinces all the Hotel Schwanen’s guests. This effect is supported by intelligent lighting control and the play of light and shadow. Floral images of endangered plants from the surrounding biosphere unfurl through the rooms in three dimensions. It gives them timeless modernity, touch with nature and a sense of home. Cut pattern structures are related to natural, haptical surfaces. The powerful Plan2Plus simplicity of all of the design concept elements, as well as refined details, high quality materials and carefully chosen colours create an atmospheric space.

All this perfectly describes the Hotel Schwanen - for decades the epitome of outstanding hospitality. The Schwanen reflects the world of the Swabian Alb region and its surrounding biosphere, whether in the ingredients in the restaurant’s dishes, which are sourced from the region’s farmers, or in the use of regional materials in the hotel’s design.

Haptic, olfactory, auditive, visual - all senses are always considered.

Coming home to the Schwanen, you will experience and enjoy Swabian history and tradition as well as contemporary modernity.

When standing in front of it, the exceptionally designed hotel roof reminds one of a starting swan. This, together with a green building façade that is vertically planted, lets every guest see, feel and experience the Swan brand. Consistently following the Plan2Plus design concept ‘less is more’ and ‘reduce to the max’. An intelligent and variable light control allows a wide variety of lighting scenarios and lighting scenes, staging both – exterior and interior. The lighting effects can follow the flow of day and night by changing the light color and intensity. The architecture by Plan2Plus was also one of the first buildings in Baden-Wurttemberg whose facade, in keeping with its ‘garden house’ corporate architectural concept, was planted with a ‘living’ vertical garden that changes with the seasons. The used plants enrich their surroundings aesthetically and ecologically as they clean the air, provide oxygen and pose as an exceptional eyecatcher.

Plan2Plus reinterpreted the concept of tradition in the Schwanen hotel, where modernity meets Swabian craftsmanship and international flair meets regional values. This conceptual approach is unique in the region and meets guests’ highest expectations and standards.

Above: Company owners. Ralf Peter Knobloch

Ursula Regina Foerster The challenge: urban, innovative, representative, tradition based, sustainable, individual, interactive, emotional, authentic, accentuated. Dictum Development of an innovative and communicative design concept consisting of corporate design, corporate interior design and corporate architecture, continues the brand as well as the values of the traditional Hotel Schwanen in Schlossstrasse Metzingen strategically in the new building. It reflects the company’s culture, core competencies and international customer base. The overall concept was to create a new building in Metzingen’s historic town centre with a forward-looking architectural and interior design language that meets the expectations and demands of a target group with a strong appreciation of design. Philosophy The design concept complies with the Plan2Plus Bauhaus-influenced design philosophy - clear, distinctive interior designs and architectural concepts combined with reduced and highquality materials. Architectural concept I interior design concept I marketing concept Home, a small word with endless meanings, is exactly how to describe the unique feeling that the Hotel Schwanen offers its guests.

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