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huge mark ups. As a real enthusiast Richter wants guests to taste his wines and pay a price that is reasonable for the quality that they receive. Favourites When asked about his favorite wine, Richter explains that “every person who loves wine has a particular relationship with it and as different as the enthusiasts are so different are the favourite wines“. For him, the process of defining his favourite wine leads to its beginnings in Bordeaux. “No wine region in the world is that rich in tradition and produces such a diversity and quality. Therefore, my favorite wines come from Bordeaux and especially from the Sauternes region.“ Although he admits that there are always various favourites, his current one is a Château Suduiraut from the year 1929. Another one that is dear to his heart is in fact the oldest wine in his cellar, a Rüdesheimer Apostelwein, which dates back to 1727.

Down in the cellar Jürg Richter’s vinothek at the Farnsburg includes some 5,000 different wines.“Such a great array of wines needs to be presented in a tasteful way,“ explains Richter. “The interested guest is invited to climb down into the wine cellar himself, to calmly look around in the seven different thematically sorted cellars until he has found the suitable bottle(s), all of which we offer at extremely attractive prices.“ The Farnsburg team further includes professional sommelier Norman Weissbach, who has his own longtime experience with wine and gives help and advice in extraordinary concerns or questions about specific bottles.

Main Photo: Outside the Farnsburg guesthouse. From top right: Roast with crackling. One of four hotel rooms. A table on the Farnsburg terrace. Sommelier Norman Weissbach and Susanne Richter, manager of the Farnsburg guesthouse. Pigs in front of the Farnsburg farm. Liquid Gold wine cellar. Sommelier Norman Weissbach with a guest. Europe wine cellar. Inside the Farnsburg restaurant.

In the end, an attraction to wine can be defined in terms of two variables. On the one hand, a wine changes from one tasting to the next, making the degustation process never ending. On the other hand, there are thousands of wines that even an enthusiast has never tasted. A passion for wine does not just start or stop, it is a life-long continuation. The court guesthouse and vinothek Farnsburg celebrates this passion and, with its tasteful cuisine and stunning view, gives it the proper environment to flourish.

The seven cellars of the vinothek each offer an extensive collection of quality wines. There is a cellar for Sauternes, for Bordeaux, for the whole of Europe, for new world wines from Australia, California and South Africa, for rarities, for trouvailles and for everyday wines. In terms of pricing, wines in Richter’s cellar do not receive Issue 39 | June 2016 | 49