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order to highlight the old city wall, the architects created new pathways around it. Furthermore, the structure fits seamlessly into the historic centre of Feldkirch because the adjacent environment was reorganised. It is also the natural stone facade that underlines the sculptural impression of the building and makes it an exciting addition to the cityscape and an interesting correspondent to the Feldkirch castle. In its interior the Montforthaus is bright and open, making perfect use of the 1,200-square-metre window surface. Naturally, the heart of the building is the aforementioned main hall. Architecturally, it is showcased perfectly with walls made out of pear wood that are visible from outside the culture centre as well. As it adheres to the latest ecological standards, the multifunctional house is built as a green building. A sustainable energy concept, using ground water for production of warmth and cold and a

state-of-the-art photovoltaic system on the roof, is in place. Possibilities to be explored Not even with the most precise descriptions could one explain the endless qualities that the Montforthaus bears. The event series Monforter Zwischentoene takes place to present the many possibilities that the location offers. Zwischentoene is scheduled three times a year and always focuses on a specific topic. The next event, called Pause, will examine the topic breaks and quietude and will again try to show how technological progress and emotional worlds can be related. In that respect, the Montforthaus atrium will be transformed into a garden ambience. A concert, where the musicians are playing among the audience, will be held in this atmosphere and during the show video installations will support the emotional gravity of it. In short, the concept of a concert is reinterpreted and presented in an environment that supports this kind of innovative creativity.

Pause will commence from 20 June to 2 July and the programme for the event is filled with an extensive array of fascinating showings. It will be an event by the Montforthaus for the visitors and also for the Montforthaus itself. More than anything, the building itself will be the artistic communicator. Facilitating space and possibilities, shape shifting from a mere structure into an artwork and underlining the numerous themes of the topic.

Main image: © David Matthiessen From top left: Room of silence installation. © Magdalena Tuertscher © Petra Rainer Concert in the main hall. © Lisa Mathis Artworks on the glass front. © Magdalena Tuertscher. Montforthaus main hall. © David Matthiessen © David Matthiessen © Friedrich Boehringer

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