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Morgenstreich, Basel (15 February) The Morgenstreich (morning sweep), the traditional start of the carnival in Basel, is an event for early birds. At four in the morning musicians start their march through the city centre, carrying headlights and lanterns. For refreshment afterwards, people head over to restaurants and enjoy Mehlsuppe (flour soup) or Zwiebel-und Käsewähe (savoury cake with onions and cheese).

80 | Issue 35 | February 2016

Magic Comedy Festival, Baden (18 – 19 February)

Biike Burning, various places throughout North Frisia (21 February)

Are you caught in the winter blues? At the Magic Comedy Festival in the Swiss town of Baden you can find a remedy. Six awardwinning comedians and magicians will put together an evening programme so that you will definitely have your laugh muscles strained.

Biike is Frisian and means 'fire signal'. This public festival evolved during the Middle Ages and is still of great importance. At the beaches, huge fires are sparked off to drive out the winter. Traditionally, after watching the fire, people gather together to eat green cabbage, a famous North German dish.