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this uniquely demanding area of architectural design. Situated on 20,000 square metres, Das Hamerling epitomises the multifunctional utilisation of modern, urban spaces as well as the concept of multigenerational living.

the old, and the unexpected come together. This energy can lead to risks, but it is also the chance to create projects that are not ordinary,” says architect Alfred Paul, describing the creative challenges of re-modeling spaces.

Das Hamerling is an environment in which people of all ages can live and age well. Care, service and choice are the pillars of the building, and the spacious apartments are designed and equipped especially for the comfort and safety of senior residents. The multigenerational house provides spacious apartments and lofts for families, couples and singles. Amenities and services include a care and therapy center, on-site medical staff, concierge services, a kindergarten, a parking garage and a restaurant.

Services and work philosophy

Developing, conversion and refurbishing In 2005, Renato Marazzi and Alfred Paul jointly founded the office Marazzi+Paul Architekten AG. Their long-term employees Michael Osswald and Patrick Ryser have been part of the management team of the ever-growing firm since 2012. With two offices in Zurich and Berne, the architecture and design firm develops and realises projects in Switzerland and Europe.

“We always have an open ear for the concerns of our clients. However, we are less interested in the problems – much rather in the hidden architectural and entrepreneurial opportunities. We are convinced that the conscious and attentive orchestration of all project influences result in a coherent form that is itself characterised by a high urban development and design quality,” says Renato Marazzi. Marazzi + Paul Architects develop and implement projects for private and public clients as well as for institutional project developers. Ideally, they like to be involved in projects long before a thought becomes a concrete project, in order to clarify legal issues, analyse utilisation and strategic planning. In later stages, the company analyses

and develops preliminary projects. In the last phase of building and realisation, Marazzi+Paul increasingly assume the role of a general planner (ISO 9001 certification). Future projects and creative challenges Having worked in various segments and successfully mastered many diverse projects, Marazzi+Paul is confident and excited to design and develop and revitalise both public and private spaces and buildings. They design inspiring, caring and practical environments that meet the needs of the people they serve, and enrich the quality of their lives and community.

Opposite: Project Das Hamerling in Vienna Marazzi+Paul’s projects include: Below from left: Privera Headquarters, Gümligen Apartment complex Biber and Hirsch, Andermatt Bottom from left: Sonnenarena, Langnau im Emmental Mosaik Eilenriede, Hannover

“Every construction project is characterised by very different influences: aesthetic, functional and technical requirements, the ideas of the owner, planner and companies involved, and also social and societal influences. Our goal is to combine all these factors into a coherent whole – to us that defines good architecture and inspires our designs,”explains Renato Marazzi. The fully integrated architectural firm provides the essential elements of development, construction and management in a comprehensive and efficient fashion for its partners and stakeholders. In fact, one of the firm’s focus areas is the development and realisation of spaces optimised for senior residences and peoples’special needs in this phase of their lives. “Conversions and renovations are increasingly gaining importance in the work of our office. In re-building spaces, the new,

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