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tance of beautiful, but functional rooms that the children feel most comfortable in.” This is also why their customers’honest reactions are more valuable than their award collection, which includes the German Design Award 2015.“After the completion of a school or kindergarten project, the best thing is seeing the children’s bright smiles,” explains Antolovic.“Equally motivating are the looks of passers-by when they spot the barn that was previously in danger of collapsing now shining in new splendour after a thorough renovation.”

Crossing lines and engaging senses The diverse projects of Stuttgart-based multidisciplinary design practice COASToffice range from the conversion of a 17th century barn, to interactive digital brand worlds. In order to find the ideal solution for each client, task and location, the team has established a unique crossover approach.

Engaging all the senses is a concept that COASToffice will continue to emphasise in the new year as the architects currently receive a myriad of requests for conversion and renovations of listed buildings, often in combination with designing new utilisation concepts. “There will also be some new developments within the interactive digital brand and exhibition worlds,”reveals Antolovic.“In this respect, 2016 will be an exciting year.”

Main image: Microsoft briefing center. Photo: David Franck Photographie TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: VALENTIN JECK I DAVID FRANCK PHOTOGRAPHIE

According to this, each project is based on a thorough analysis of the historical, cultural and traditional backgrounds as well as nature, society, technologies and brand identities. Thus, the two COASToffice founders and directors, Zlatko Antolovic and Alexander Wendlik, equip any of their projects with enormous depth and complexity. Their success has made waves at home and abroad, as reflected internationally in the IBM Forum in London or the Microsoft Briefing Center in Switzerland. The main focus of the creative minds at COASToffice, is making a positive impact on their home area of Stuttgart.“In everyday life, the contrasting switch between interactive digital spaces and historical halftimbered houses is extremely exciting,” explains Antolovic. “We also enjoy transforming schools and kindergartens into inspiring environments, where learning and exchanging ideas is a fun experience. If you

68 | Issue 35 | February 2016

consider the fact that today’s children spend the largest portion of their childhood in school, you recognise the impor-

Below from left: COASToffice’s ‘Tbone House’. Photo: Valentin Jeck Conversion of a historical 17th century barn into an art studio and exhibtion space. Photo: David Franck Photographie Bottom from left: A school by COASToffice School by COASToffice. Photo: David Franck Photographie