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much easier for our employees to work selfdeterminedly. This way, we also try to facilitate their creativity, this in turn is good for our clients,”Ellwanger Chabert says. Within succession plans, he and Menzel managed to take over local architectural practices. As a result, ARCHITEKTENstern does not depend on any regional economic developments and is therefore able to reach its aims. Realizing a diverse spectrum of projects Today, ARCHITEKTENstern looks back at a wide range of projects which were successfully realised. Clients such as savings banks, institutional and private investors used the advice and services of the architecture experts.“We are currently planning the construction of the new town centre of Wildau near Berlin with about 230 housing units,” Ellwanger Chabert reveals. In the past, ARCHITEKTENstern already worked for industrial establishments as well as logistics companies and designed halls of about 40,000 square metres. The network additionally won numerous architecture competitions for municipal buildings such as schools, daycare facilities for children and gymnasiums. Medium-sized enterprises, hoteliers, but also private citizens are further clients.“We offer a wide range of services, no matter whether our clients want to have a ‘mini-house’ for private use or a complex logistics facility,” Ellwanger Chabert underlines.

Lower Saxony.“Here, we not only create a completely new working environment which perfectly accomplishes the aims of work-life balance. We also create a very sustainable overall project which is about to receive a certification by the German Sustainable Building Council.” Additionally, ARCHITEKTENstern is also involved in various planning processes and construction projects following the recent harbour and urban development plans in Hamburg. Rehabilitating institutional buildings in Rotenburg is another project the group of architects recently finished, whereas designing a medical institute in Hannover is quite a complex project in progress.“In addition, our team is engaged in planning and building temporary accommodations for refugees in house complexes as well as single apartments which

are based on long-term considerations,” Ellwanger Chabert explains. This year, ARCHITEKTENstern seeks to further expand. Therefore, Menzel and Ellwanger Chabert are looking for additional partners especially in Schleswig-Holstein, for example in Kiel. Those who want to find out more, should take a look at the architecture network’s website.

Main image: The central office of Sparkasse LeerWittmund. Top from left: A daycare facility for children. Kursaal Bad Saarow. Houseboats in Schleswig. Below from left: A logistics facility. A gymnasium in Klecken, Lower Saxony. Bottom from left: Buildings in Berlin. A public utility company in Trier-Zewen.

Reaching a milestone According to him, ARCHITEKTENstern will reach a further milestone with its current project, the construction of the central office of Sparkasse LeerWittmund for about 250 employees in the centre of Leer in

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