Discover Germany, Issue 35, February 2016

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Portraits: Founders and CEOs Alexander Brand (top) and Konstantin Urban (bottom). Above: Office spaces. AG A startup success story The German e-commerce business is one of Europe’s leading retailers for all products centered around newborns, toddlers, and children. The online baby store features a wide range of essential items and brands for toddlers and mothers: a large selection of diapers, nutrition and baby food, organic products, beauty and care items and much more. offers a broad selection of 100,000 products and more than 1,000 name brands and retailers (including the international shops pannolini, feedo, bebitus and Everything ships with a fast, reliable and free of charge service straight to customers’ doorsteps.The spectrum ranges from diapers and baby food to children's furniture, toys, clothes, strollers and child car seats. Another resource for parents is the free membership of Nakiki, a shopping club powered by, which offers special sales of top global brands and upcoming labels.


Future vision and goals Starting a business begins with a spark, an idea that finds a niche – or creates it. In October 2010, the three entrepreneurs Alexander Brand, Konstantin Urban and Dagmar Mahnel founded in Munich. Their inspiration for starting the business was also part of the reason for its success: making their own shopping easier and having more time with their newborns. From their personal experience as young, modern parents, they realised that a one-stop shop for baby products would make their lives much easier and let them compare brands online instead of going into crowded stores. They came up with a business model that

would help young parents to spend more quality time with their babies instead of running around and buying everyday baby essentials like diapers or food. The power of the right idea The team of entrepreneurs found a need – and then found a way to fill it. Since then, their business has rapidly grown from being a start-up to becoming a market leader, meanwhile employing more than 500 people internationally. Today the start-up is present in ten European countries and even in China. More than 750,000 customers made purchases on the website in 2015.

The e-commerce business also provides guidance on parenting issues. In columns and review posts, mothers and fathers write about their experiences, everyday life with small children, parental advice and new baby products. Building on their success and business philosophy, the company wants to expand both its presence in European countries as well as its product spectrum. By relying on fast, reliable and convenient delivery of everyday baby products, seeks to continue to gain the trust and loyalty of their customers.

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