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ensure that the baby does not slip out. Another advantage is that the hammock’s ergonomic shape evenly distributes the baby’s weight, forming a rounded back. Midwives recommend this method, since it helps to relieve some of the pressure off the coccyx (tailbone) and prevents the baby’s head from flattening. In comparison to typical foam mattresses, the NONOMO® cot mattress is filled with natural sheep’s wool, which not only provides an ideal exchange of moisture and temperature, but is also less prone to absorbing germs. And if parents want to go on vacation or visit friends, they can easily transport the baby hammock thanks to a handy carrier bag that is included. Customers primarily from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as various nursery schools for employees’children and celebrities like football player Philipp Lahm and the American singerAloe Blacc, swear by the NONOMO® hammock.

many, the United States and Canada, to France, Mexico and Australia. On Facebook, Fidella® already has 70,000 fans, whereas NONOMO® counts about 40,000 supporters. Everyone who is interested in the products of NONOMO® and Fidella® can take a look at the companies’ websites or visit baby world fairs, where Angela and Robin Koszewa are regular guests.

FIDELLA®:“Babywearing is our nature”

their second brand Fidella® on the market, which additionally offers baby wraps, slings and carriers. NONOMO®: Like sleeping in mummy’s arms What makes the NONOMO® baby hammock special is that it not just gently rocks back and forth, but also up and down while the newborn lies inside, contentedly falling asleep. In order to make the baby feel comfortable, Angela and Robin Koszewa, as well as their employees, attach great importance to values like quality, sustainability and an emphasis on using organic materials. Therefore, the hammock’s fabric is 100 per cent natural cotton, while the extension bar is made of FSC-certified wood. Additional safety strings prevent the womb-like bed from falling down. An enclosed system as well as snaps at the foot

Thanks to the knowledge we gained through NONOMO®, it was easier for us to also place our second brand Fidella® on the market,” Robin Koszewa says. By the way, the name Fidella is composed of the French word ‘fidéliser’ (in English: ‘to bind someone’) and Ella, the name of the entrepreneurs’ daughter.“Our baby wraps and carriers give parents the chance to create an intimate bond, which is particularly essential for infants and toddlers,” Robin Koszewa explains. If children are alone, they feel insecure and get scared. Crying is often the only way to draw attention to themselves. But when babies are being carried in a wrap, the body contact to their mother or father enables them to settle. At the same time, parents stay flexible: they can go shopping or do housework while being with their baby. According to Angela and Robin Koszewa, all Fidella® baby wraps are very soft, are made of natural fabrics and they stay in form and feel comfortably thin. Since the wraps have an extra width of 80 centimetres, they can be used for newborns as well as for toddlers. By now, Fidella® provides to customers all over the world, from Ger-

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