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Academic education with a practical approach is key to success in a global market Life-long learning has become immensely important in the modern business world and learning environment. At the Darmstadt-based Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences, a specialist for distance and online learning, professionals can study for a university degree without needing to attend regular courses on site. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: WILHELM BÜCHNER HOCHSCHULE | FOTOLIA

With more than 6,000 students, Wilhelm Büchner University is Germany´s largest private university for technology and is now – after years of successfully serving the German market – also offering two Englishlanguage master’s degrees for working professionals. “A student who wants to continue working while completing a master's degree would like to use his or her time as efficiently as possible, and our virtual campus provides optimum support,”says Professor Dr Frank Bescherer, director of studies and responsible for the courses Technology and Innovation Management (MSc) and Engineering Management (MBA). Written course mate-

40 | Issue 34 | January 2016

rials and an online campus allow greater flexibility, since professionals need to balance their work life and studies. Due to the university’s practical approach, students can apply what they have learned in their professional life immediately. Wilhelm Büchner University offers unmissable opportunities for those looking for an academic degree while building an international career: both master’s courses will enable students to succeed in a global market.“We place paramount importance on coherently incorporating key skills such as management, leadership, and communication into technical degree courses,” states the university in its programmes of

study. In short, the course plan and the university recognise and meet the needs of businesses and those working in it alike. Founded in 1996, Wilhelm Büchner University is part of the Stuttgart-based Klett Group, one of Europe’s leading educational service providers. Named after the 19th century pharmacist and chemist Wilhelm Büchner, who invented new production methods for blue dye, the university values the attributes associated with his work and character. He was an innovator of his time, had a passion for technology and innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. The university is certified after ISO 9001 and the international learning service standard ISO 29990:2010 and has been accredited by the accreditation agencies ACQUIN and ZEvA and the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts.