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Restaurant of the Month Germany

A perfectly conscious culinary experience Top restaurateur Bernhard Reiser and his team present culinary perfection in a classy, but relaxed, atmosphere. TEXT: NADINE CARSTENS I PHOTOS: DANIEL BISCAN

High above Würzburg, right in the middle of one of Germany’s most beautiful vineyards, there is the REISERS Restaurant am Stein. Since top restaurateur Bernhard Reiser moved to the location in 2002, popular restaurant guides have regularly awarded the chef and his team for their excellent cuisine. The restaurant not only received a Michelin star, but also 16 points in the 2016 Gault Millau. Gourmets feel attracted to this region just like wine connoisseurs and design enthusiasts, who appreciate the unique architecture of the vineyard by Ludwig Knoll.The striking distance to the Franconian wine as well as the wide range of international wine specialities turns the restaurant into an authentic wine paradise. With great dedication, Reiser also tries to convey the pleasures of cooking. In order to share his knowledge and passion for food, he not only opened the restaurants am Stein and am Golfplatz, he additionally founded a culinary school, which is one of the largest in northern Bavaria.“We are responsible for what we eat and how we treat our health. The better we know our body

26 | Issue 34 | January 2016

and its needs, the more consciously we choose our meals,” Reiser explains. With three different kitchens, his culinary school in Dettelbach provides much space and modern equipment, ideal conditions for people who take part in Reiser’s cooking classes covering different cuisines. Supported by other expert chefs, he shows everyone how to become an excellent cook. Participants of the class additionally learn how to create delicious meals with a small budget. “Food should stay affordable, because otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy it,”Reiser is convinced. The chef undoubtedly knows what he is talking about, since he is an experienced cooking tutor. As a nutritionist, he not only gives advice to the German women’s national football team, he also teaches participants of the study course ‘food management and culinary studies’on the campus in Bad Mergentheim and has held countless lectures on other occasions too. Of course, Reiser also imparts his knowledge to the trainees of his restaurant with great commitment. His protégés in turn have the chance to demonstrate their talent every

Main image: Top restaurateur Bernhard Reiser (left) and Marcel Spenkuch, executive chef. Above, from top: Bernhard Reiser (third from left) and his team: Marcel Spenkuch, Mathias Störcher and Rainer Trautenbach (from left). The wine bar in the restaurant REISERS am Stein, an award-winning wine paradise in Bavaria. © Daniel Biscan The restaurant REISERS am Stein in Würzburg. Below: The cuisine of Reiser’s restaurant am Stein received a Michelin star and 16 points in the Gault Millau (2016).

Monday: “Easy Monday is one of our newest projects: Then, seven trainees are allowed to take the reins and cook the menu by themselves.”