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Sustainable style from construction site to concert hall Swiss fashion designer Claudia Güdel creates high-quality, durable fashion for men and women. Her subtle and unobtrusive style is perfect for quality-conscious people with busy lifestyles. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: HANSPETER GUILIANI & HILDEGARD SPIELHOFER

Sustainability is a core concept of Claudia Güdel’s work. "Our future brings what we make of it. We live our philosophy, grow slowly but steadily and keep our senses active and our creativity inspired,“ the designer states. Her blunt, edgy, elegant and unpretentious signature style strips fashion to the bare minimum. It is an honest approach with a sporty note and always suitable. The designer uses natural fibres in combination with high-performance fabrics from Swiss manufacturer Schoeller Textil AG, allowing the pieces not only to be comfortable, but also very practical. A Claudia Güdel original is crease-resistant, elastic and in many cases even weather proof. "When a design reaches the perfect balance between elegant and casual, when it is suitable to be worn on a construction site as

12 | Issue 34 | January 2016

well as in a concert hall, then I am truly satisfied,”Claudia Güdel explains. Her collections include versatile dresses, overalls and jackets, all manufactured in Europe, ensuring top quality. Comfortable details such as soft-line stitching or integrated pockets are standard, which makes the clothes perfect for people with busy lifestyles such as working mothers or architects who have to be at a construction site in the morning before attending important office meetings in the afternoon.“Our customers are attentive consumers between the ages of 25 and 80. They all share a passion for functional but refined design. They opt for solid quality and distinctive clothing at the same time. They are rather modest people, who like to dress well without being too noticeable and they have a good sense of sustainability,” Güdel reveals.

2016 started with a bang for the Swiss designer when she was picked to create the staff uniforms for Basel’s new four-star design hotel Nomad, which opens its doors this month. Claudia Güdel’s designs are available at her own boutiques in Zurich and Basel, as well as at selected retailers, and she frequently exhibits at various trade fairs such as Blickfang or In&Out. No worries for those who missed out on Claudia Güdel’s creations for Christmas as the new spring collection will be in the stores very soon.

Portrait: Claudia Güdel