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presentation, marketing measures, contract design, handover of the property and posttransaction follow up and support. A strong network and a comprehensive database of prospective tenants offer each property a solvent customer base. Even when a property is left in a bad state following a tenancy, Ott Immobilien is able to competently and reliably stand by its clients’ side through a network of renovation experts. Their team of specialists optimises the rentability and value of an object in an efficient, prompt and cost-effective way. Property management Besides offering common estate agent services, Ott Immobilien successfully manages a continuously growing portfolio of thirdparty and company-owned properties. For this reason, Ott Immobilien founded its property management division in 1990 for all property and rental management services. Since then, clients can expect personal care and advice, as well as custom-made and holistic property management services from a single source. The company‘s offers range from commercial and legal to technical management services of properties. For this, Ott Immobilien closely cooperates with a network of property specialists and handicraft businesses because their “ultimate goal is to increase the value of our clients‘ properties”, according to Stephan Ott.

Investment management and venture capital The aforementioned services have been trademarks of the Ott brand for many years, and now Ott Immobilien seeks to expand nationally and globally. While they have already targeted core cities including Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, their primary focus remains the preservation of company culture. Thus, even though the team will significantly grow, Stephan Ott points out that their “values, with an emphasis on personalised service, will stay at the core of our operations”. At the moment, Stephan Ott, together with business partner and collegiate roommate Peter Cohen, has launched NewYork-based Ott CapitalVentures, which acts as the official investment management division of Ott Immobilien. This represents Ott Immobilien’s expansion of their diverse portfolio on to an international stage. “It’s exciting times for us. Ott Capital Ventures is sourcing investment in Germany and the USA for property projects and innovative start-ups in the real estate sector. By fusing real estate-oriented projects in top US and core German cities we are giving investors access to new markets while providing the comfort of local oversight. From a business standpoint, we want to support the growth of infrastructure, business and philanthropy in these locales as it is our duty to contribute our part to

these economies,”comments Stephan Ott. He adds:“This is critical as desirable cities continue to grow. The omnipresent urbanisation leads to the loss of suburbs and residential housing space gets increasingly important while also creating opportunities for new businesses and services to succeed. Furthermore, in times of the media-labelled ‘migration crisis‘, it is our duty to do something and this includes the real estate sphere. We need to put an increasing focus on development and on providing social housing in short term.“ Currently in the middle of the investment phase, Ott Capital Ventures is expected to close at the end of next year. “With the constantly evolving environment, we continue to adapt and deliver the best service that our customers deserve. Our mission is to become THE real estate solution,“ concludes Stephan Ott. Opposite: The team of experts in Cologne that have been both fiercely loyal to the company but also responsible for its success. From left to right: Jessica Nowatzki, Petra Hermann, Adelgunde Stammel, Sven Becker, Alexander Kamper, Dirk Frenzel, Dominik Klein and Sascha van Walsem (top). The team sends love and support to the family of core member Sebastian Glehn, who tragically passed away last month. Ott Capital Ventures was launched in 2015 by partners Stephan Ott and Peter Cohen and focuses on real estate and venture capital. (middle) Below: Just some of many properties within the company’s portfolio.

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