Discover Germany, Issue 33, December 2015

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Page 88

wörner traxler richter architects

Mindful planning Looking back on almost 50 years of experience, wörner traxler richter architects are nowadays not only trendsetters by testing the virtual BIM planning method as one of the few in Germany, they have also developed their own modular design system. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI | PHOTOS: FRANK BLÜMLER (PORTRAIT)

They see the benefits of both methods, mainly in gaining time for what matters most to them: architecture itself.Taking part in competitions for wörner traxler richter means to be out there and promote their vision, for example their idea of cross-generational housing to enhance the community spirit. Or for creating a new dimension in museum buildings as a symbiosis between the past and the present, and an open offer to the public. For designing hospitals, taking their time is the first priority for wörner traxler richter architects. The main goal is to find acceptable

88 | Issue 33 | December 2015

answers for combining functional aspects with urban development and an architectural vision, a design which satisfies not only the needs of the client but also those of the individual.

The role of a building within site and society, and how this role is being portrayed by design, is a priority. This is where the wörner traxler richter modular design system kicks in.The modular system has been developed and constantly updated over a span of 40 years. Of a highly innovative nature, it acts as an economic tool which allows an instant overview and creates a vision of the whole at an early point. By now, it is successfully applied by wörner traxler