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Page 85

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that the floor plans always impress with appropriateness.“We don’t have one particular style but we always consider reduction, focusing and accentuation,” says Gabriele Weis. It seems no wonder that Weis &Volkmann’s portfolio impresses with an exceptional variety and broad range of projects. Furthermore, the office established the KunstRäume Leipzig e.V., which brings impressive multimedia room installations to life. A true expert for city repair tasks, the architects are known for their implantations of complex ensembles into historically grown urban developments and UNESCO World Heritage sites. An example of this is the retailing project ‘Neue Mitte Fürth’, which revitalised an inner-city quarter of Fürth while considering landmarked building structures.The new buildings offer space for restaurants, offices, small shops, doctor’s practices, a fitness studio, as well as a library. The façades orientate themselves towards materiality, proportions and structures of the classicistic surroundings. Some of the street’s existing front buildings were integrated into the new buildings while a glassed top floor gives the façade a distinctive dominance. Large windows in the lower storeys give the retail spaces the needed presence in the road space.

architects were able to intelligently convert the historic premises into a primary school and nursery, while combining old with new architecture. While the church remains the distinctive urban symbol it has been for a long time, the new buildings circularly surround the church and thus are subordinated to the old building in their entire architectural role. Other remarkable projects include the building of the international youth music 'campus forum thomanum’ in Leipzig where Weis &Volkmann were able to build a new building which visually links historic and contemporary structures. Not only focusing on renovation projects, Weis & Volkmann also builds exceptional new buildings. An example is the residential house‘K3’in Stuttgart which impresses with a distinctively contemporary design. An-

other new multi-family residential building was created in Leipzig’s Hohe Strasse, which beautifully fills the gap between the street’s houses. Project ‘Sweetwater’ in Leipzig is one of the city’s first town house projects. Here, Weis &Volkmann were able to convert existing industrial monuments into 23 spacious residential buildings with a reference to water and with a connection to the region’s historic context. Main image: The ‘Stelzenhaus’ in Leipzig-Plagwitz. Photo: Frank-Heinrich Müller Below: The Martins Church Centre in Bernburg. Photo: Weis & Volkmann Far below: The retailing project ‘Neue Mitte Fürth’. Photo: Thomas Riese, Nürnberg Bottom: campus forum thomanum Photo: Weis & Volkmann (left) Multi-family residential building in Leipzig’s Hohe Strasse. Photo: Weis & Volkmann (middle) Project ‘K3’. Photo: Weis & Volkmann (right)

Weis &Volkmann were also commissioned to work on the reconstruction, extension and rebirth of the ‘Stelzenhaus’ – a wellknown industrial monument in LeipzigPlagwitz. The architectural office was able to preserve the building’s original impression while cautiously restoring the existing structures. On the outside, the building was preserved, the clinker façade and all concrete parts were cleaned and repaired and the historic roof construction was renovated. The modern and light interior design visibly integrated the old steel constructions. Beneath the ground floor zone and in between the building’s stilts, Weis & Volkmann have inserted a‘glassy box’which gives the impression of a floating building. Another significant and award-winning project of Weis & Volkmann’s portfolio is the reconstruction and extension of the St. Martins Church Centre in Bernburg. The

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