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Reduction to the essentials Berlin’s award-winning architectural office Weis & Volkmann stands for intensive communication with clients, intelligent, customised and sustainable building solutions, long-standing experience, as well as a highly qualified and reliable team of employees. Experts in renovating and extending historic structures, Weis & Volkmann’s new buildings impress with innovative simplicity. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: FRANK-HEINRICH MUELLER I WEIS & VOLKMANN I THOMAS RIESE, NUERNBERG

Weis & Volkmann develops and implements a diverse spectrum of building tasks. Their main emphasis is put on complex reconstruction projects, renovations of landmarked buildings, as well as on realising high-quality and cost-efficient new buildings. Through a network of experienced partners, all required planning services for projects can also be provided. “We offer everything from land analysis and architecture planning in all service phases to realising complex, modular and multi-level projects,” Gabriele Weis, one of the company’s two founders, explains. Co-founder

84 | Issue 33 | December 2015

Gunnar Volkmann adds:“We offer a holistic planning approach.” Established in Leipzig in 1995, Weis & Volkmann’s headquarters moved to Berlin in 2014. In both cities, a team of more than 20 highly qualified employees conjointly develops solutions alongside their partners and clients. During this process, transparency and tailor-made solutions play key roles so that the best possible projects can be realised. Clients especially praise the communication quality and reliability of Weis & Volkmann’s team. Putting special

emphasis on teamwork, integrating employees in the entire process and constantly discussing intermediate results, Weis & Volkmann seeks to integrate executing companies in the process at an early stage. The ability to listen to client needs and wishes makes them the perfect partner for each project. The source of great architecture “We constantly question everything,” says Gabriele Weis. Gunnar Volkmann smiles: “This is how great architecture is created. Our designs get developed out of a location and its surroundings.”Thus, their portfolio is full of pragmatic, robust and resilient solutions. Solely using local building materials and constantly considering user needs, their projects primarily stand out due to their simplicity. While contrast is brought about through a contrapuntal use of material and colour, it can be noticed that the use of materials is kept to a minimum and