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A team of expert professionals Headquartered in Roggentin, a town near Rostock on Germany’s Baltic Sea Coast, the company’s location alone predispositions its affinity for renewable energy. It comes as no surprise that water and energy providers make up a big portion of their industry partners. SIV Utility Services GmbH was founded in 2008 and is part of the German software and IT company SIV AG (CEO Jörg Sinnig). For 25 years, SIV AG has been partnering with both private and public utility enterprises – in Germany and abroad - and established itself in the international energy and water distribution market.

Main image: Rostock Harbour, Hanse, Sail 2015. Above: Hanse, Sail 2015. Right, from top:

support the expansion of renewable energies. It is an investment in our shared future. In the next few years, the energy market will be one of the most sustainable and profitable industries in Germany,”Semkat says. Improving processes, dialogue and efficiency At a time when utility companies around the world are looking for ways to respond

Jan-Hendrik Semkat, CEO of SIV Utility Services GmbH, explains that the challenges facing the German water and energy sector – and in particular the integration of traditional and renewable energy sources – are transformative but at the same time, bear many opportunities. To him, the Energiewende is more than an abstraction.

SIV Utility Services GmbH, Customer Evening Event. SIV Utility Services GmbH, 2015 fair booth. E-world 2015, SIV.AG fair booth.

”Our employees experience the Energiewende, and the political and practical changes in how we produce and consume new energy everyday at their desks. Many of our colleagues have children and firmly

their services. And this philosophy shows, both in their commitment to their region – as well as in the diversity and professional know-how of their employees, which range from energy consultants, IT and data managers, communication specialists, to accountants and service representatives. The team, made up of 65 people, is passionate about liaising with clients and their utility consumers. ”We are truly a team of specialists from the Baltic Sea. Our employees have many years of professional experience in the energy industry. They come from areas such as energy data management, accounting, billing, sales and market communication and process the supplier changes,”states CEO Jan-Hendrik Semkat.

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