Discover Germany, Issue 33, December 2015

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Page 64

Transforming energy and utility processes Energy and utility leaders in Germany and Europe rely on SIV Utility Services GmbH to help them work better – and work differently. The company’s business processes help energy providers deliver superior customer service, improve business efficiency, and leverage consumer data and insights. How do they achieve this? By creating reliable and efficient relationships with people, customers and communities. TEXT: ELISABETH DOEHNE | PHOTOS: SIV UTILITY SERVICES GMBH

SIV Utility Services GmbH is in the business of making energy suppliers and utility companies work more efficiently, costeffectively and transparently. Well aware that the utilities industry (electricity, gas,

64 | Issue 33 | December 2015

water and waste water) is a dynamic sector, the firm helps clients meet community needs as well as their financial objectives. ‘Process efficiency is cost efficiency,’ is the firm’s credo.

The German third-party business provider is a well-established and proven BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and BPS (Business Process Services) partner. The company is committed to applying their enthusiasm and market expertise to working with people, projects, and organisations. Their outsourcing services range from energy management, IT solutions, accounting and billing services, to customer care. Energy services for people The company embraces the notion that both people and resources are the heart of