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Personalised labels to last Every parent knows this situation: you collect your child from school or kindergarten, but their lunch boxes are lost or they are wearing pullovers you have never seen before. Stickerella developed the perfect solution to avoid this mess. TEXT: INA FRANK | PHOTOS: STICKERELLA

Waterproof, dishwasher-safe, microwavable and personalised nametags, which also endure a turn in the washing machine or the dryer, were pioneered by Stickerella in 2009. An enthusiastic team of ‘mum-preneurs’ add everyday experience to the production process, so other mums and dads can make their lives much easier with the help of these thoughtful products, which have all been tested by real customers.

ucts,” Pauline Geniets-de Leng, managing director, reveals. “They are very handy; therefore they can be used on many more items than just clothes.” Furthermore, Stickerella offers seasonal sets, such as for Christmas, or sets for special occasions that are nicely wrapped and include a greeting card to be personally filled out. Corporate customers can also use Stickerella’s products and can even have a collection personalised with their own logos.

Today, Stickerella offers a huge selection of different sets of labels.“The stickers for clothes are one of our most popular prod-

Premium quality for a luxurious skin Swiss manufacturer Weseta are experts when it comes to top-quality textiles. Focussing on high-class craftsmanship, their exclusive and desirable terry products are high in demand amongst discerning customers. TEXT: INA FRANK | PHOTOS: WESETA

Weseta's production has been in place for more than 150 years – a time during which many changes in the textile industry have occurred. Unlike others, Weseta always stuck to its principle of ‘Swiss Made’.“We are convinced that more and more cusConrad Peyer, CEO tomers will think about the origin of products in the future. They are also interested in the conditions under which those are produced. As we are close to

60 | Issue 33 | December 2015

customers, we can offer this transparency,” Conrad Peyer, CEO of the company, says. Weseta's product range includes everything needed for comfort in the bathroom and beyond. The terry towels, especially Dreamflor,

“Particularly at workplaces with different teams or where equipment is exposed to the weather, our stickers can be useful, for example if our customers are gardeners, restaurants or pharmacies,” Geniets-de Leng adds. Every year Stickerella develops three to four new designs. In 2016, customers can look forward to an extension of the kitchen range and slightly more grown-up stickers for teenagers.

are characterised by their fluffiness. The appealing designs and harmonic colours make sure that everyone finds one's favourite. Since the early 1990s, Weseta’s product range includes luxurious terry towels, bathroom carpets and bathrobes, which are all produced for the brand of Christian Fischbacher. Christian Fischbacher is a Swiss manufacturer of very luxurious interior fabrics and bed linen. The two companies have worked closely together for over 15 years and the Christian Fischbacher products are exported all over the world to make any home more beautiful. Corporate costumers appreciate the Swissmade textiles too. Companies’ logos can be embroidered, printed or woven into the towels, which make them ideal promotional gifts. Weseta's client list is impressive, featuring big brands such as Audi and Estée Lauder.