Discover Germany, Issue 33, December 2015

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Page 45

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Wellness, Health & Beauty

Fast, fun and highly effective Active muscles are the key to a well-functioning body, health, fitness, wellbeing and an attractive outer appearance as well as the basis for all physical and mental performance abilities. With so-called electro muscle stimulation (EMS), Germanybased fitness device supplier miha bodytec helps you develop those muscles, save time and enjoy working out. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: MIHA BODYTEC

“The way our EMS devices work is radically new,” says Jürgen Decker, CEO at miha bodytec. “Agonist and antagonist as well as the deeper lying spine-stabilising muscles are stimulated by electric impulses at the same time. This allows for a gentle and effective targeted training of both specified muscles groups and the body as a whole.” Exercising with EMS also leads to the desired results quickly.“A session of 20 minutes once a week is enough,”says Decker. “Thus, EMS fits our modern lifestyles perfectly. More and more people don’t like to devote endless chunks of their precious time to long work-out sessions.”

All of miha bodytec’s EMS programmes are based on scientific studies and have been developed with research partners such as the German Sport University Cologne, the University of Erlangen/ Nuremberg and the heart and diabetes centre of North Rhine Westphalia. “The most important aspect of our product development, however, is that we are delivering premium value to the end consumer as well as easy handling,” explains the CEO. This approach quickly led miha bodytec, founded in 2007 in Gersthofen near Augsburg, to become a true“global player”. Today, their products

are available in more than 30 countries and they are still growing. There are several places where EMS can be tried and tested: with a mobile personal trainer, as a course in your favourite fitness studio or in a specialised EMS-studio that offers EMS training only. As a standard procedure, working out with miha bodytec always comes with a professional introduction and ongoing, personal support. The focus is on the customer and his or her personal goals at all times.“This guarantees the highest possible level of efficiency, results that can be seen and measured instantly – and happy customers,” smiles Decker.

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