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and cheek or ear surgery. Of course facelifts are also part of his portfolio. To achieve a lasting rejuvenation of the face and neck, Peyman Bamdad uses the so-called HighSMAS-Facelift method. The doctor explains: “A facelift doesn’t mean lifting of the facial skin in contrast to the widely spread opinion. Solely lifting the facial skin is ineffective and doesn’t last. Thus, our essential surgery step happens in the subcutaneous tissue, the so-called SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System).” A High-SMAS lift raises the midface, the mouth’s corners, as well as sagging cheeks and is known for its lasting, natural results. A simultaneous lipofilling with autologous fat leads to a correction of volume loss and a holistic contours improvement. Whether one seeks breast enlargement or breast reduction surgery, Peyman Bamdad knows exactly what to do. Solely using breast implants with EU quality seals, Peyman Bamdad puts special emphasis on a discrete incision to implement the implants. Thus, the scar is almost entirely invisible. “Even though a breast enlargement is a routine procedure, an intensive consultation and comprehensive, individual examination is needed,”Peyman Bamdad adds. The practice’s breast reduction surgeries impress with special surgery methods and scar-sparring techniques so that a healthy size and aesthetic form is achieved. Breast lifts to remove sagging and excess skin are also part of Bamdad’s portfolio. Gynaecomastia, which describes a benign enlargement of breast tissue in males, is also treated.

practice. Whether wrinkle treatment with Botox, hyaluronen injections, skin rejuvenation through Dermapen or a HydraFacial with microdermabrasion, the doctor can help. Last but not least, reconstructive surgery is another one of Bamdad’s special fields. His reconstructive measures include the reconstruction of eyelids, the removal of skin cancer or scars, nipple corrections, treatment of malformations on the breasts, as well as the removal of benign regeneration of the skin, such as lipomas or atheromas.

discreet, individual and holistic support by the Peyman Bamdad and his two friendly employees. Their high medical expertise, as well as the fact that they are available 24 hours a day for their patients, make them stand out. “After all, we don’t offer mass processing. The foundation of a successful treatment is a trustful doctor-patient relationship. We simply want to achieve the highest satisfaction of our patients and the best possible results,”Peyman Bamdad concludes.

The practice in Berlin-Dahlem impresses with a relaxed ambience which is far from usual practice surroundings. The tasteful design of the rooms reflects Peyman Bamdad’s distinctive sense for aesthetics and it can be seen and felt that beauty in its entire complexity is his passion, calling and profession. Patients appreciate the competent,

Main image: Waiting area of Peyman Bamdad’s practice. Above: Entrance to Peyman Bamdad’s practice. (left) Peyman Bamdad’s practice. (right) Below: Patient before (left) and after (right) a High-SMAS facelift.

Other surgeries offered are abdominoplasties, upper arm and upper thigh lifts, removal of stretch marks or treatment of hyperhidrosis. Surgical liposuction, as well as non-surgical liposuction, is also carried out in the Berlin practice. Using the innovative Coolsculpting method, Peyman Bamdad is able to quickly remove unwanted body fat without the need for surgery through freezing. Only available five times in Berlin, Coolsculpting is said to be safe and permanent while no anaesthesia or rest time is needed. Those who seek anti-aging measures are also right at Peyman Bamdad’s

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