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At the core of the Ayurveda Privatklinik Bad Ems is the classic Ayurvedic treatment of Panchakarma, which translates as ‘five cleansing actions’. A system of perfectly coordinated therapeutic treatments, it follows three consecutive steps to gently yet profoundly release metabolism’s waste products and toxins from the body: loosening, mobilising and eliminating. In this way, Panchakarma eliminates the basic cause of many diseases, and incites the natural healing process. The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Bad Ems relies exclusively on the work of doctors with decades of experience and exceedingly well-trained therapists. Naturally, the emphasis of the treatments is adjusted depending on the disease and the individual, as well as the individual’s current phase of life, with each Panchakarma programme individually customised for one’s current physical strength. All of the treatments undertaken strengthen the body’s natural self-healing powers, which works to enable every client to prevent diseases from developing as well as effectively alleviating any current symptoms.

According to Ayurveda, life is governed by three principles: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Known as ‘doshas’, these guiding principles form the foundation of any individual’s physical, spiritual and psychological state. They control our body and soul’s sense of wellbeing by regulating the delicate balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If the doshas are in harmony, then Ayurveda dictates that we will not only be healthy, but also happy. During an extensive initial consultation, the Ayurveda doctor will determine an individual’s constitution as well as the state of their dosha balance with regards to the current prevalent pain or illness. Subsequently, all of the therapies, nutritional advice and behavioural recommendations are tailored to systematically rebuild the individual’s current imbalance.

cultural town with architectural masterpieces, sculptures in the Kurpark and concerts and performances in the theatre of the Kurhaus. Just a few days of this effective and proven therapy seems like a holiday with longlasting recuperative value and a tangible boost to your health – and the extra bonus is the ease of its location in Germany, eliminating the hassle of a long-haul flight. Treatable diseases include vegetative disorders, stress-related illness, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, joint and spine ailments, respiratory diseases, allergies, skin diseases, gynaecological diseases, diseases of the urogenital tract, eye diseases, diseases caused by environmental toxins, nervous disorders, autoimmune diseases and accompanying cancer therapies.

A Panchakarma treatment at Bad Ems is accompanied by an extensive programme of activities such as yoga and breathing exercises, Gandharva-Veda music therapy, presentations and talks by the Ayurvedatrained doctors and health consultants, a series of videos about Maharishi Ayurveda, concerts and much more.The spa hotel features a newly renovated, spacious wellness and spa landscape with a host of saunas and pools alongside its thermal swimming pool that is fed from a healing spring. The incomparable level of comfort of a Grand Hotel is a further benefit.Virtually all of the exclusive rooms offer stunning views over both the Lahn and the beautiful neoclassical and Art Nouveau villas of the old Bad Ems. Located in the Lahn valley’s nature reserve, the Bad Ems spa is surrounded by the wooded slopes of the Taunus and Westerwald. Bad Ems is also a thriving

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