Discover Germany, Issue 33, December 2015

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A wellness experience of a different kind The Pharaoh Cleopatra swore by a bath in milk. In the heart of Switzerland, between the Klausen Pass and the Walensee, one can enjoy the very same relaxing procedure. High up on the Berglialp, hot whey baths, comfortable accommodation and local Swiss food make the perfect getaway. TEXT: INA FRANK | PHOTOS: KARL-HEINZ HUG / URSI MARTI KAMER

After a two-hour ascent, a wonderful recreation from the strenuous hike awaits visitors: a relaxing dip in one of the outdoor larch wood tubs, which offer space for up to eight people. Guests can choose from a large range of essences for their baths: from honey to olive oil or mare's milk with its maintaining effect for the skin, there is something for everyone. A very special and exclusive experience is a bath in whey. The whey is extracted during the production process of the alp's own cheese.“In the past people used whey treatments because of the lipid regulating and anti-inflammatory effect,”Ursi Marti-Kamer, one of the alp’s

owners, reports. A pleasant bath combined with the panoramic view of the mountains creates an unparalleled relaxing experience. For over 20 years people have been visiting the alp, which has been gradually equipped with overnight accommodation facilities. Now guests may choose from three charming rustic dormitories. Traditional Swiss dishes like Älplermagronen (a stew made of pasta, potatoes, cream, cheese and onions) and a ride on the cable car make the short holiday truly perfect.

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