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but also includes an own vegetable garden directly in front of one’s door. Other extraordinary designs of apcon cps deal with the application of innovative, multifunctional and interactive building skins. For example, apcon cps designed a façade with photovoltaic elements for Warsaw’s music school in Raclawicka street. Another example is a climatic shell for the residential building project Invex near Berlin’s Goerlitzer train station.The facade is made of two layers: an outside layer protects from the street’s noise and pollution and brings about a greenhouse climate, while the inside layer creates a sustainable living climate within the apartments. More information can be found on their website.

Sustainable custom property solutions Berlin-based apcon cps is an expert when it comes to architectural projects and project management. Founded in 2010, the company stands for innovation, expertise and commitment; especially when it comes to sustainable architecture. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: APCON CPS I AGNIESZKA PREIBISZ I PETER SANDHAUS

“Your project is our project,”notes founder and managing Architect Agnieszka Preibisz. Committing to developing highly effective strategies for buildings, the individual needs of the architectural firm’s clients are put in the focus of their doings. Offering services in planning, architectural project development, project management, as well as in acquisition consultancy, apcon cps is sure to solely work in a highly qualitative, sustainable and interdisciplinary way. apcon cps puts special emphasis on transparency, a holistic, critical view, open communication and pro-active planning, management and risk evaluation of the projects. Currently, apcon cps supervises office and business expansions and plans office and retail extensions, as well as private homes. “We work on existing structures and also build new projects,”Preibisz adds. An example of their remarkable portfolio is the conceptual and spatial planning

80 | Issue 32 | November 2015

of the modernisation of the Fernsprechamt and the Torhaus West in the landmarked ensemble of the Forum Museumsinsel in Berlin. apcon cps also provided project management services for the office expansion of the new Etihad Airways Headquarters on Berlin’s Potsdamer square. “An important focus of our work is the exploration and fostering of new sustainable concepts for modern, urban life and a contemporary combination of living and working,” Preibisz says. An impressive example for this is the conceptual high-rise building project Green8 on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. A joint project with artist and architect Peter Sandhaus, the residential building is designed as a vertical garden city with a central atrium as a greenhouse and for urban gardening and private gardens. The project enables living in the middle of Berlin with a breath-taking panoramic view,

Main image: Project Invex’s climatic skin in Berlin. © apcon cps Below: The vertical garden city Green8 at night. © Agnieszka Preibisz, apcon cps and Peter Sandhaus Bottom: Music school in Warsaw; façade with photovoltaic elements. © apcon cps