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Restaurant of the Month Switzerland

When visiting Zurich, go simply gratinös Cleverly positioned in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland, the News Gastronomie AG, entailing the Restaurant Au Gratin and the Heineken Newsbar, is heading towards its 20th anniversary. The concept comprises of a rich cuisine starring a delicious variety of gratins and a nightlife scene bar. Have a hearty meal in a chic environment with a heartfelt welcoming host. TEXT: BENEDIKT MEININGER I PHOTOS: NEWS GASTRONOMIE AG

With a culinary history dating back to 1996, Urs Pfäffli’s savvy hand for business becomes blatant in his restaurant Au Gratin. Situated just opposite of the main station in Zurich, some 100,000 people pass the restaurant and bar per day and the name and concept of the bar are sold into a location branding. Since then the bar was named ZurichExpress bar, afterwards Carlsberg Newsbar, and for seven years now Zurich’s, and therefore the world’s, in-crowd take their drinks in the Heineken Newsbar. Guests will find 150

26 | Issue 32 | November 2015

seats indoors and 250 spots for standing guests as well as the desirable 50 seats on the porch. The futuristically lit walls and large array of monitors are one of the spherical pull factors of the urban placeto-be. “We come up with a vast range of spirits and classical cocktails. Moreover, we star seasonal creations of our own,” Pfäffli is proud to state and he goes on: “Our guests may savour our kitchen’s home-made delicacies. I recommend you side your aperitif with our divers empanadas!”

Since we are talking about food: the gratin concept Pfäffli has refined so diligently is still a single star worldwide! Gratins with less meat and more greens, all seasonal, harvest fresh and always breathing the pulse of the time. Next year’s anniversary sees a full 20 years’ worth of experience in gratin cooking. Come and savour the bubbling hot masterpieces. There are a 150 seats on the first floor, all in a simplistic