Discover Germany, Issue 31, October 2015

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Transparency is the new sexy Since it has become increasingly important for people to know where their shoes come from, German start-up label FreiVon., literally meaning “free of”, made transparency one of its key values. Here, you can buy shoes and matching care products with a truly good gut feeling.

over Germany. However, you do not need to travel to Germany in order to get your hands on a real FreiVon. shoe.“Our partner Avesu is planning to offer shipping for our FreiVon. shoes to England soon,” reveals Pollinger.“Thus, ordering our shoes will become even more convenient.”


“We entered the shoe industry by chance,” recalls Paul Pollinger, co-founder and marketing representative at FreiVon. “As we were looking for vegan shoes, we quickly realised that in most cases vegan didn’t equal sustainable or good quality. What was shocking too was the fact that there was hardly any transparency. There was no way for end consumers to find out where their shoes came from. So we decided to change this.” Sarah and Paul Pollinger took a chance at realising their innovative idea for the perfect vegan shoe by putting all hopes into crowdfunding. “It was hard work,” says Pollinger.“But in the end it was definitely worth it.”The result are honest shoes, which are 100 per cent made in Germany using traditional craftsmanship techniques.

18 | Issue 31 | October 2015

Therefore, every shoe is a truly unique specimen. Furthermore, the production process is completely transparent to the end user. “The customer should be able to keep track of which materials we are using and how the FreiVon. shoes are made,”explains the marketing representative.“This is why we attach a QR code to our shoes. Just scan it and get instant access to all important information about the shoe.” Overall, two creative minds pursue a thoroughly holistic approach with their label.“We just want the best for people, animals and the environment,” stresses Pollinger. Customers that share the love for the alternative concept, can purchase the FreiVon. designs through the label’s own online shop, the online and in-store shoe brand Avesu or selected shoe boutiques all