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also be organised as special group events. In short:“The GALILEO-PARK always offers an experience people will never forget.” The team behind GALILEO-PARK supports customers during planning and the actual event, no matter if it concerns press conferences or high-class events for companies or societies. The show pyramid for example can be jointly booked with the restaurant pyramid therefore offering various possibilities how to shape the event. If wanted GALILEO-PARK offers a comprehensive package including catering, an evening program and overnight stays in one of the region’s best hotels. During the day the seminar rooms provide great working spaces equipped with first-class modern technology and seating according to customers’needs. Presentations can be put on to screen and in only minutes the staff can build a stage with variable size. In the evening the park offers front cooking and a cocktail bar as well as, for example, a performance of artist ensemble holliewald with comedy, music and a magic show.

Schmidt. Many choose the GALILEOPARK exactly for this reason: the ambience and the offered services. “Companies for example have the chance to present their products in the exhibition space, like the new Smart for two and for four was presented to the public on the moon’s surface,” Schmidt emphasises. During that event 100 Smart cars drove towards the science park in a convoy while Smart presented its two new types to the public in the park’s then featured special exhibition about the moon. Those in for something a bit scarier might choose a knight’s meal in the middle of a room exhibiting torture devices from the Middle Ages or on the market square that is part of the exhibition. Events in the historic ambience are always sold out, but can

Many visitors and those organising and taking part in an event will soon find a pyramid or a part of the permanent exhibition they like most and they feel drawn to immediately. For owner Wolfgang Schmidt this is the 'Zeitmaschine', time machine, the biggest pyramid and exhibition space the GALILEO-PARK has to offer. The 450 square metres are without any windows and is painted entirely in black.“This might sound rather grim and gloomy, but indeed is a great space to work with light,”he says. “Using light effects in a completely dark room creates great ambience. We create an atmosphere one can experience nowhere else.” Often enough GALILEO-PARK organises in-house events, like recently a space weekend with more than 2,000 visitors. Even weddings can be held at GALILEOPARK since the city of Lennestadt has a branch of its registry office here, allowing the official wedding ceremony to take place in the middle of the exhibition spaces.

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