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Delicately touching the soul Storytelling Jewels by Lars Hetmanek Lars Hetmanek’s Storytelling Jewels go far deeper than just their exterior shimmer, they’re bearers of our deepest secrets.

pect of the wearer with the design, or by creating an antithesis of it.”


With his necklaces he creates an impulse that the wearer embraces, interprets and subsequently responds to with their own unique history. “Such things only work if you engage with it, if you invest energy into it. This is part of my vision of beauty: a blend of perfection and unpredictability – which, in essence, is what we’re like as humans.”

Our choice of jewellery speaks volumes; revealing not only the taste and status of the wearer, but also betraying the age and the era in which the piece was created. Many have even acquired a remarkable history during their lifetimes, or played a part in political events. Think of the legendary necklace that prompted the so-called‘affair of the diamond necklace’ at the court of Louis XVI in France – a veritable scandal that is reputed to have inched the scaffold yet closer to Marie Antoinette’s neck. The Storytelling Jewels by the Berlin-based designer Lars Hetmanek are pieces of jewellery that write their own history. With a playful glint, the‘Louise’necklace draws its sheen from the court of the Sun King. An extravagant flower-sun made from gold encircles the sparkling green peridot at the core, from which delicate sun rays emerge in filigree tendrils with tiny balls of gold at

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their tips. Similarly, the ‘Essential’necklace, with its heart of amethyst, plays with colour too, enwrapped in a protective gilt cocoon with an array of filigree arcs and rings. ”Jewellery for the soul” was how a customer once described her Hetmanek necklace. When wearing the necklace, moments inevitably become memorable and remarkable, she declared. The Storytelling Jewels each have their own personal stories, just like a talisman or an amulet, revealing their magical powers exclusively for the wearer, as the outside world remains oblivious. For Lars Hetmanek, therein lies the appeal of designing jewellery, both for his collection and for commissioned bespoke pieces. "I think it’s crucial to express something about the personality, about the person who will be wearing the jewellery,” he explains. “That could be by reflecting a certain natural as-