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Design with substance Authenticity, simplicity and reliability are the foundations of Pibiri & Reich’s creative design work. The Swiss friends Luca Pibiri and Moritz Reich strongly belief in cooperating with experts from various areas to develop holistically convincing solutions. The spectrum of their projects range from corporate to product development. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: PIBIRI & REICH

“Pibiri & Reich really is a project we created out of necessity,“ Luca Pibiri laughs. He adds: “After university, several freelance jobs and internships, both of us knew what we wanted to do but there simply weren’t any vacancies in the intersection of corporate development, marketing and of course design. That’s why we decided to found our own company.“The duo combines expertise in business administration, industrial design, marketing, advertising and also design management.“We use design methods in business and embed business strategies in design,“ Moritz Reich notes. Of course they‘re not the only ones combining these fields, but what makes them stand out in the big pool of design agencies is their openness for cooperation. Reich says: “We closely cooperate with experts from various other disciplines and form tailored project teams - also with other designers.“ Besides working for other companies, the team has recently launched their first bath-

room furniture collection ‘Acqua&Sapone‘. The wooden pieces produced in Switzerland merge the latest manufacturing technologies with traditional carpenter craftsmanship. ‘Acqua&Sapone‘ puts personal needs and objects into the centre of things. It’s simple and honest – just like water and soap.The collection, available in nut and cherry wood, comprises of a stool, bench and an open display shelf. The items invite for spontaneous use and combine high-quality materials with extensive attention to detail.

roundings with our products,“ Reich smiles. Pibiri adds:“The way we work is not based on specific formal aesthetics. We follow a project-related route and hope this will be recognisable one day. Our works aren‘t showmanship but are instead simple and obvious.They‘re about subtle dealings with humans, their needs and stories.“ Above: Acqua&Sapone collection with accessories Portrait: Pibiri & Reich founders Luca Pibiri (left) and Moritz Reich (right)

Due to its classic design language, the collection also fits in the living room, bedroom or the dressing room. The furniture collection is rounded off with an accessory collection made by local producers which put special emphasis on handicraft. Whether one seeks a porcelain tin with a cork lid or a wooden bowl, Pibiri & Reich is sure to offer the finest Swiss handicraft. “We seek to contribute to atmospheric sur-

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