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The courage to transform mainstream design Australian-German designer padconcept creates multi-faceted home textiles which spark creativity and individuality. Their designs are for creative customers who wish to express their individuality with designs that stand out from mass production through being distinct and extraordinary. TEXT: DORINA REICHHOLD | PHOTOS: PADCONCEPT

The secret behind the inspiring designs of padconcept GmbH is travelling the world. ”During our yearly journeys through Australia, Asia and Europe,” explains Michael Rossmann, creative head behind padconcept, “I find endless ideas and themes for new design which I always want to realise immediately.”Together with his Australian wife Sasha he founded the company in 2006, with the aspiration to create a modern, sustainable and distinctive home textile line which expresses the latest international zeitgeist. Twice a year padconcept presents a seasonal line of cushions, pads, blankets, table linen and various textile accessory designs. They work with materials which are popular in the fashion industry and are therefore soft, smooth, easy to clean and stylish at the same time. ”What makes our seasonal lines unique is that the colours and themes always have a reference to our pre-

26 | Issue 29 | August 2015

vious line, enabling the customers to supplement and combine their favourite items with fresh designs,” declares Rossmann proudly. At the same time, padconcept puts emphasis on ecological and economical sustainability. They produce their items solely in Germany and Europe to guarantee the highest quality and to play its part in maintaining Europe’s economic stability. ”Our collections are rich in creativity and are multifaceted. Just like our customers,” states Rossmann.“We are happy to be able to design items which are open to interpretation.” padconcept’s success story is reflected in its world-wide customer base and its impressive international commercial operations. These include classical furniture stores and individualistic lifestyle boutiques as well as online retail.

The padconcept collection for autumn/winter 2015 focuses on the hippie and peace movement lifestyles of the ‘70s with their desire to slow things down and to focus on the essentials in life. The combination of different styles and contrasting patterns with strong yet harmonising colours, sparks creativity and invites customers to play with their own creativity and individuality. The result is a unique composition of courage, design, trend and popular mainstream, which transforms every interior design into a unique and extraordinary setting. All of which are inspired by the marvels of travelling the world.

Portrait: Michael Rossmann