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sustainability. has recognised the potential as well as the responsibility that comes with being a manufacturer of luminaires. The challenges of the future regarding light in all its aspects will continue to guide the company’s work in developing innovative, sustainable design solutions. To the next 30 years of! Main image: Reef Suspension Left: Annex Suspension & Zoom Below: Twin, Curling Suspension, Annex Ceiling & SML LED

For light is like perfume: really good when it has already served its purpose before people notice it. An almost-forgotten Belgian embroidery technique may serve as inspiration for new products or lightweight construction technologies used in filter technology, adapted in the design of REEF. Moreover, rapid developments in the illuminant sector pose both technical and formal challenges, which is happy to face. The firm most recently demonstrated the skilled symbiosis of highend technology and flawless design with three LED innovations and five collection models converted to LED technology. Living the light! 'Living the Light!' The company’s claim sums up its fascination for and commitment to light. When developing its innovative models the firm allows itself the luxury of slowing down: Only when the perfect interplay of light, technology and design has been found and a luminaire developed to which nothing can be added and nothing taken away is it produced.The result: luminaires that have visibly been completely thought through. Formally not too heavy,

but not too transparent either, a luminaire finds its own place while accentuating light and open spaces. designs luminaires for people for whom form is more important than 'bling' and materiality more important than fashion. Personality and quality over streamlined mass-produced goods – is committed to this understanding of values, and that can be felt in all areas, be it in the product itself, service or trade-fair presentations. 2015 and beyond: New products – new world of lighting! in 2015: A company that has grown with its employees, its fans and its partners. A brand that repeatedly manages to remain loyal to its own traditional values and at the same time have a future-oriented mindset. This also includes seeing light as a whole. For light is becoming ever more relevant in a cultural and social context and defines our urban living space like barely any other phenomenon. The emotional impact of light inspires’s vision of innovative design as well as questions of

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