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movements and less injury or illness. However, if one thinks about how much companies invest in paying employees and how many important decisions these make, one quickly grasps how important this topic is for business and how many economic effects it has. That’s why we are sure that our products and coaching will soon reach the first human resources departments and management boards,”Deyle says. With a network of experienced sleep experts, their SleepGuide ‘Sleep like a Pro’ and a wide range of products, Third of Life is a highly qualified partner for this topic. They offer sleepwear, which impresses with ideal moisture and heat management, mobility through perfect tailoring and extremely high wearing comfort. The perfect moisture management is achieved through a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns and through different function zones, such as a ventilation zone under the armpit. Performance bedding with a maximum of flexibility and moisture management, nutritional supplements for better sleep regeneration with creatine, amino acids, minerals and vitamins as well as special performance pillows are other products offered.“To optimise sleep, a well-coordinated system of sleeping equipment

around the body is needed. Thus, we don’t only develop sleepwear,”Kuhn says. “Our product philosophy is to develop products which are based on scientific insights and which seamlessly integrate into everyday life,” Kuhn notes. He adds: “Seamlessly means that we know that clients might not necessarily get nine hours of sleep but we try to help them maximise the quality of their six hours of sleep - and with our sleep leggings we even make women fight against cellulite while sleeping.” Third of Life has taken an analytical approach with the development of their functional nightwear. The product concept was developed on the basis of motion and anatomy analysis and was then implemented in the product with the help of 3D-bodymapping. Customers especially appreciate the effect and haptics of the products. Highest wearing comfort through beechwood fibres, which is three times softer than cotton, is appreciated too, as well as the seamless knitting which improves the wearing comfort and the flexibility. Below: Third of Life’s sleepwear comprises better moisture management than common products

tion with which I can positively influence my life, my performance and my health fascinates me. We see sleep and its improvement as the next big society and health topic after decades with a focus on sports and nutrition,”Kuhn says. Today, Third of Life works alongside many professional athletes and sports teams, such as the 1. FC Koeln, but also seeks to point out the advantages of their products for businesspersons.“Even though 100 per cent of the mental regeneration and 70 per cent of the physical regeneration happens during sleep, professional athletes have just started to recognise the power of sleep on better performance, quicker learning of

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